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Meet Pebbles

As as author, Pebbles aims to create stories that will take you away from the stresses of every day life and introduce you to a world of romance and eroticism, while letting you experience bondage and discipline through the eyes of the characters.


The mind and body want what they want—excite the mind and the body will follow. Her Mission as an artistic author, is to do just that; bring you into her world. Curious? Dare to awaken your mind?


People tell her their most intimate secrets, often without provocation. On occasion, she'll use those experiences as scenes in her sexy, erotic chapters, sometimes with embellishment. You’d be surprised to know the naughty habits we fellow humans undertake.


Pebbles still resides in southern Ontario where she was born 53 years ago. Her husband of many years endures her long hours in front of the computer, but is rewarded when he listens in on the fantasies and sexual practices people tell her. Of course, she’ll never tell anyone’s name, if the stories were told to her firsthand, or if it’s something she dreamed up in her twisted imagination.

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