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The Second Book in the Coaching Rayna Series
The Story People Can’t Get Enough Of
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Publishing June 28, 2019 by Pebbles Pacasse


     The love between Coach and Rayna seems unshakable. The life they are building is better than either had dreamed possible. 

     Trusting him completely, she allows him to take her deeper into HIS world. Coach introduces her to the life he once lived, as Master Demon at the BDSM house, Fallen. Back then, he was free to set his Demon loose with masochistic women who craved his dominance.

     While there, Coach insists she submit to him completely and without hesitation, but can she live up to his expectations, or is he asking more of her than she can give?

     Rayna meets and forms a connection with one of his former submissives. Can Coach accept the blooming friendship between the two women, or will his tumultuous history cause problems?

     Now that he’s testing the freedoms of Demon, can Coach and Rayna survive the blending of past and future lifestyles?


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Below is an erotic teaser taken from Coaching Rayna: Bound Hearts, book #2

Warning: This excerpt contains situations of an erotic nature containing dominance and aggressive sexual acts that may be a trigger to a more sensitive reader.

18+ only

“Coaching Rayna: Bound Hearts”

Book 2

By Pebbles Lacasse


     “I fucking own you!” I hiss.

     “No, you don’t,” she hisses back. She’s really pushing her boundaries and I’m so madly in love with her because of it. This woman owns me, not the other way around, and she knows it.

     “We’ll see,” I growl through clenched teeth. My inner Demon is shadowboxing.

     I pull her head forward, sliding my prick into her throat again, this time, she doesn’t gag, which I find to be disappointing. I hold her in place, humping my prick down her throat, again and again. I won’t stop until her tears are running down her cheeks taking her mascara with them. I will mess her make-up and not allow her to make herself presentable before we leave this room. She, along with everyone here, will know she is under my control.

      When I pull her face back, the evidence of my punishment is evident with black tears dripping from her chin. She isn’t crying, it’s just a reaction from gagging. She can make me stop with just one word, Red.

     If I keep making her suck my cock, I’ll definitely cum. I want to fuck her good and hard. I make her stand using the grip I have in her tangled hair. I spin her, so that my arm is at her waist and she’s bent over facing behind me, her waist held tightly against my hip. The grip I have on her waist is vicious. She cannot get away.

     With her unable to stand straight up, I yank the hem of her dress up, exposing her lacy thong. I start swinging my arm, spanking her ass until she’s crying out and fighting to get away. Her ass is hot and red, swollen with my handprints covering both cheeks.

     I grasp the thin material that runs between her ass cheeks and yank, lifting her feet off the ground, but the lace won’t give. I pull it to the side, that’ll do. My fingers reach between her folds, slipping in her wetness. Fuck, yes!

     I shove two of my fingers into her drenched cunt and wave, rubbing her g-spot with a roughness that has her moaning within seconds. She isn’t fighting to get away anymore. Now she’s squirming and trying to hump my fingers, but my grip on her body is extensive.

     Her pussy is tightening around my fingers. She’s going to cum. No, she won’t! I pull my fingers out just before she reaches orgasm. I resume cracking her ass, alternating from one hot cheek to the other. She’s fighting to get away again, panting and wailing, but not saying the word to make it stop.

     I jam my fingers into her again, and fuck her hard, not giving her any mercy. It isn’t more than ten seconds before she’s ready to cum again. Just before she does, I stop again, removing my fingers and continuing with the punishing slaps. She’s fighting me and yelling.

     “Fuck you! Let me go! Fucking stop!”

     “Say the word if you want it to end,” I reply in a calm voice.

     I ram my fingers back into her and bring her close, again. I repeat this action eight-more times, getting her so near to climax that her body begins to tighten and then stopping, to inflict more pain. She isn’t screaming from the pain anymore. Her moans are loud and deep, like a growl.

     She’s learning what it is to lose herself on that fine line between pleasure and pain, blurring it to the point where you can’t tell the difference between the two. This is where I wanted to take her. She needs to experience this for herself, so she can fully understand why that woman would challenge her body in that way.

     This time, I don’t pull my hand away. My fingers flail wildly inside her as her muscles tighten and cease to ease, holding her in a violent full-body spasm. Her cunt is gripping and pulling and pushing at my hand. A flood of hot cum sprays from her depths, coating my hand and splashing to the marble floor.

     I am relentless, not stopping even when the grip she has on my fingers is so tight that I can hardly move them. Her body is quivering, twitching and jerking to get free, but I don’t allow it. My fingers don’t quit, continuing to invade her body with force until she erupts into a second raging orgasm that has her knees shaking to the point that they give out. I’m holding her up now, keeping the momentum going until she rides completely through her climax.

     I stand her up and scoop her into my arms, dropping to one knee and sitting her on the other. Her head rests on my shoulder, her arms hang limply around my neck. She’s so weak and I know she’s trying to get the fogginess of the euphoria to fade away.

     “I’m sorry I had to punish you, but you needed to know your place. I wanted to prove to you that the threshold of pain can be pushed until the person can’t decipher between something hurting and something giving them absolute pleasure.”

     “Yes, I understand,” is all she manages to say.

     “I love you, Rayna,” I whisper, kissing her forehead tenderly.

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Coaching Rayna: Bound Hearts (book 2)

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