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       The story continues, as told through Sam’s voice as she navigates a move into Ben and Terri’s guesthouse, and grows her dominant persona, Mistress Samantha.

        Jason begs her to move in with him but their relationship is new and she wants to wait.

        Sam feels the loneliness of Terri’s absence when a work promotion has her preoccupied during the day, but between preparing for the wedding and their many playdates, their evenings more than make up for it.

        During the honeymoon, the separation of the two couples gives Sam and Jason plenty of alone time and answers the question of whether they’re union is out of convenience or love and compatibility.

       Jason’s protective nature has his life in peril when he finds himself confronted by an abusive, jealous husband with a gun.

        A dreaded phone call could tear Sam’s world apart, ending a love story that barely began.



*DISCLAIMER: This romantic erotica, four-book series contains explicit sexual situations including BDSM which might cause triggers to a more sensitive reader. All sexual activity is consensual or consensual-non-consent.
​​​​​​​**This book ends with a cliffhanger.


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Book Three

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