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Book Four

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Coming December 1, 2022

       As careful as they are to hide their four-way loving relationship from family and friends, not everyone is naïve. Terri’s attempt at a solution only exacerbates the situation, and it’s up to Jason to put a stop to it.

       JoeSmith’s teachings of how to remain calm in stressful situations are put to the test when Sam finds herself at the mercy of a crazed gunman seeking revenge. Will Jason be her knight in shining armour, or fall victim to the threat?

       Sam feels left out and believes Terri, Ben and Jason’s busy careers are drawing too much of their time, but the realization of what they’ve been doing behind her back will shock her.

       *DISCLAIMER: This romantic erotica, four-book series contains explicit sexual situations including BDSM which might cause triggers to a more sensitive reader. All sexual activity is consensual or consensual-non-consent.

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