18+ only Erotic Teaser

Taken from Chapter 14


     It’s been an hour since Rayna went upstairs and I still can’t fall asleep. I’m sexually frustrated. Knowing that she’s upstairs lying alone in her room is enough to keep me awake. I keep fantasizing about sneaking upstairs, climbing into her bed and ravishing her body while looking into her seductive eyes.

     I lift my head to listen to the hushed sounds coming from upstairs. Someone is tiptoeing down the steps. Even though it’s dark, I can tell it’s Rayna approaching the bed. She says nothing, which I find odd. She startles when I raise my hand toward her.

     Perhaps she thought I was asleep, and she was hesitant to wake me. I wait for her to decide whether to take my hand and get in with me.

     I’m relieved when her delicate fingertips glide along my palm. I lift the covers and roll onto my back. She slips off her panties and tosses them to the floor while I slide my sweatpants down to my mid-thighs.

     She straddles my pelvis. Her lips quickly find mine. She will set the pace tonight.

     I place one hand on her lower back while the other cradles her cheek. Rayna can use me tonight, taking what she needs. I’m ready to let her take her pleasure, but I hope I’m capable of having an emotional connection, should she desire it.

     Our lips never part. In one swift motion, I am buried deep inside her. Our breathing is quiet but increasingly more impassioned, even though she hasn’t moved.

     This is fucking amazing; she is fucking amazing.

Rayna’s curvaceous hips lazily rock, pulling me in and out of her as she glides her pussy against my belly, never once lifting her weight off my pelvis.

     My heart is warming and becoming a part of her. It’s abundantly clear that tonight means something more to both of us than did our previous raging sexual experiences. We are connecting on a deeper level, despite my efforts to keep my heart out of this.

     Tonight, she’s mine and I’m hers, completely. We are one. Tomorrow, things can go back the way they were. Right?

     She makes love to me, letting her orgasm slowly build and easily take her over. I’m careful not to force my pelvis upward by remaining still so she can take me how she chooses.

      This is easy for a control freak like me. My inner demon throws himself against the imaginary cage in which he’s confined. I would much rather flip her over and take her hard and fast, but I sense that’s not what she needs tonight. If I’m rough with her, it won’t please her as much as being gentle.

     Her orgasm rolls through her. She quietly rides the high, not moaning any louder than a whisper. Instead, her body trembles against mine. Her eyes meet mine, and that’s when I see her tears welling up. Her emotions are so strong that she can’t contain them.

     For me, sexual intimacy has always been for sexual gratification or to gain a feeling of dominance, but for no other purpose. This is the most unbelievably loving moment I’ve ever experienced.

     I couldn’t possibly be more intoxicated by this woman.

     My fingertips tenderly wipe the tears from her soft cheeks. We slowly roll, ending with me above her. I raise myself onto my elbows while kissing her forehead as her tears spill. I don’t hump her; I stay inside her while kissing her cheeks and brushing away her tears with my thumbs. Never had I imagined wanting to be this gentle and loving while having sex. This is how I want to be for Rayna because she needs me to be.

     “Please, don’t stop,” she whispers.

     Following her request and make love to her, the same way she did to me. I kiss her lips, neck and cheeks, loving her with a newfound compassion that had been dormant. Her body slips into a silent orgasm.

     I watch her in the silent calmness of the night. Her mouth opens as a quivering breath escapes her. Her eyelids remain tightly shut and her brows furrowed, lifting in the center just slightly .

     I’m drowning in this moment. It’s taking away any doubt I may have had that I care deeply for Rayna. At this very moment, I realize that I’m not afraid to love her, and willing to let her love me. I can’t fear something I have no control over and I can’t stop it.

     My own euphoric, full-body and mind climax overtakes me. My body stiffens and then jerks above hers. A muffled grunt slips from my throat. As my lungs release a halted breath, my body suddenly becomes weightier on my elbows.

     She looks at me and peacefulness graces her eyes. I stroke her cheek with my fingertips and hold her gaze for several minutes until my softening manhood slips from her, ruining the best moment of my life.

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