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Book 2: Exposed

❤Available Everywhere ❤

EXPOSED hit Amazon’s Top Charts!

#4 Best Seller Mystery Erotica

#2 Not New Release Mystery Erotica


Will shattering the illusion of anonymity destroy more than the trust built behind secrets?

I’m torn between telling Sam the truth or allowing her the continued allure of JoeSmith’s mystery. Her relationship with Jason blooms, and her desire to test her skills as a dominant is put to the test.

The steamy romance with my millionaire boss hangs in the balance between truth and doubt.

A promotion means extra time with him, but his sexy eyes and tailored suits make it impossible to focus. Our love flourishes, lessening my need for castle visits with JoeSmith.

Knowing JoeSmith’s identity should make things easier but I have more questions than ever.

 His heart is mine, but do I deserve it?

 *DISCLAIMER: This romantic erotica, four-book series contains explicit sexual situations including BDSM which might cause triggers to a more sensitive reader. All sexual activity is consensual or consensual-non-consent. 

**This book ends with a cliffhanger.

 All 4 books are available for sale/KU and pre-order, coming to you in a rapid release!

*Reviews are greatly appreciated but not expected: Amazon, Goodreads and/or Bookbub.

After I sip my tea, I slip on a sweatshirt. My phone chimes, so I rush to my desk while smoothing the shirt.

       The caller ID says Bossman. Should I answer? If I do and he asks why I left, what do I say?

       “Hello, Ben,” I say as my butt slowly meets my chair.

       “Hi.” Concern rides his deep voice. “You left. Why did you leave?”

       “What are you hoping I’ll say?”

       As I answer his question with a question, I wonder if he’ll bring up the earring. Would his confession be a relief to him after having held it for over a year?

       “Terri, just start with the truth.” He clears his throat. “Why did you leave?”

       Seconds pass, and I can’t think of what to say. Oh, my God! Say something!

       “It was obvious you were disgusted with me because I cheated on the other man in my life. I couldn’t imagine staying in your office while you looked down at me like a father who caught his daughter having sex. Thank you, but I feel guilty enough already.” A deep breath fills my lungs as I lean back in the chair and look up at the cracked ceiling. “Look, maybe we shouldn’t talk to each other for a while. We can discuss the case via email. Better yet, we should forget what happened this afternoon.”

       “No! What happened was… We connected, and not just sexually; we had a moment. It was… real.” He sucks in a loud breath and releases it as he says, “I don’t know how to… I felt something, but maybe you didn’t.”

       “Even if I had, what we did was wrong because I cheated on someone. And the very moment after we had our connection, as you called it, you literally threw it in my face. You judged me!” I release a deflating breath. “What happened… It was wonderful, but it’ll never happen again.”

       I’m angry and a little broken. If we could have a do-over, I’d prevent him from saying anything after his orgasm. That way, we could hold the memory in high regard and perhaps acknowledge it to be an emotional experience.

       “I’m sorry, Terri. I don’t know why I said that. I wasn’t judging you. I was excited you chose to be with me when you were adamant it would never happen. I was surprised. That’s all.” Even his breathing sounds defeated. “If you want to be with him, be with him. If you want me, I’m here. I’m a patient man, and I can wait for you to choose. Please, don’t let my stupidity ruin such a beautiful moment.”

       “Ben, if only I could turn back time, but—”

       “You and I both. If I could, you’d still be in my arms, and I’d never let you go.” There’s sadness in his voice. “Give me another chance. Please, Terri.”

       “I need a little time to think, to figure out my next step.” I wipe the tears spilling down my cheeks. “Deciding who to be with won’t be easy. Each of you offers something the other can’t. If you were him and he were you, I’d have the perfect man. But I can’t do that. Can I?”


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