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Book 4: Unity

❤Available Everywhere ❤

The fourth and final book in the My JoeSmith series will have you on the edge of your seat while swooning at the depth of their love story.

Chapter 1

The Bitch Knows

It’s Tuesday afternoon, about an hour before the end of our workday. Terri’s been working in the conference room with Ben and Janet for the past few days. Needless to say, it’s been rather boring without her humour to distract me. I’d give my favourite pen to sit on her desk and chat to break up the tedium.

They’ve eaten their lunch while they work, so she hasn’t been around then either. I’m not jealous of her career advancement; she’s far more driven to climb the corporate ladder than I am, and she deserves her promotion. I just miss my friend.

Tonight, we’re gathering at Terri and Ben’s to celebrate her mother’s birthday. Being the amazing chef he is, Jason insisted on making dinner, but he asked for my help, which may prove to be dinner’s demise. Cooking isn’t my forte, but I have opposable thumbs so I can cut vegetables and stir things in pots under his supervision.

Hands cover my eyes, jolting me from my drifted thoughts. I spin my chair and see Jason’s pearly white grin.

Fuck me! He’s beautiful with his hair flowing in soft waves down his back; thick and shiny and ready to be pulled for my gratification… and his. His blue jeans are a little too snug for someone so well endowed. A black dress shirt with the first three buttons unfastened reveals the arch of his strong pectorals and tanned skin. But my favourite part of his ensemble is the light blue high-tops that suit his youthful personality.

At this angle, the overhead lights have his pale blue eyes shimmering.

I stand, tilt my head back, and lift onto my toes as he bends to kiss me. My butt leans against my desk, and my arms are crossed over my chest. Is it weird that I’m happy he’s here to break up the torturous boredom?

“What are you doing here? I mean, it’s a wonderful surprise and I’m always happy to see your handsome face, but aren’t you supposed to be at the restaurant today?”

His hands rest on his hips. “I’ll be going in for a few hours, but I was out buying supplies for tonight’s dinner and thought I’d stop in to see my girl.” He lets his eyes drift to my workstation and grins. “Are you busy or just trying to look at it?”

“I’m bored!” I groan as my shoulders droop forward. “I was busy, but just finished. So, I planned to sit here for the next hour and appear to be working.” My shoulders lift and drop while my face scrunched.

He shakes his head and says with sarcasm, “For the life of me, I can’t figure out why you didn’t get the promotion.”

My eyes roll, and my palms lift beside my head. “I don’t want to get into another project with only an hour left on the workday. I’d just get started and have to pack up.” Time to change the subject. “Ben and Terri are in the conference room.”

“Come with me,” he says, and offers his hand.

I slip my tiny hand into his huge mitt and lead the way. I think everyone’s staring at us; not so much us as him. Every time he’s here, I swear I can smell a mixture of female pheromones as well as testosterone from the men who feel a need to peacock.

Brian springs up from his chair and rushes around the cubicles to block our path. “Hello, Jason. We haven’t seen you in a while. How’re you?”

He gleams with a smile that nearly closes his eyes. His cheeks are rosy, and a glisten of sweat has formed under the sweep of untamed black hair on his forehead.

I overtly roll my eyes, but secretly love the attention my boyfriend gets. I’d swear people fall under a spell cast by his sexy eyes. Brian isn’t immune to his charms and fawns over him.

He tilts his head to the side and meets Brian’s gaze with his best sexy eyes. The captivated man’s Adam’s apple bobs as he combs his fingers through his shoulder-length locks.

Jason’s smooth, sultry voice has Brian biting his bottom lip. “Hello, Brian.” The side of his mouth lifts flirtatiously and he continues staring at the man. “I’m good. Are you doing well?”

“Yeah. Yeah. I’m… I’m great,” Brian stutters. He swallows hard and stuffs his fingertips in the front pockets of his white skinny jeans. “What has you gracing us with your presence?”

Jason flashes a crooked grin. “I was out and about, and thought I’d stop in to say hello to everyone, including you, of course.” He flirts because he knows it makes Brian melt.

The man’s nods are nervously quick. “Uh-huh.” His eyes shift to break away from Jason’s spell. “We’re always happy to see your smiling face.”

Jason releases my hand and offers it to Brian. When they grip, Jason pulls him in for a quick man-hug, and Brian’s eyes widen with childlike excitement. I have to turn away and stifle my laughter.

People are quiet as they watch the most interesting thing to happen all day. Anything that moves is fascinating near the end of a boring workday, but watching Brian drool over a hot guy is worthy of a bowl of popcorn.

Jason releases him, and the man visibly shakes but smiles like an idiot. It’s obvious he has a huge crush on my man. Who can blame him? Jason pats his shoulder and grins as we pass by. He’s such a tease!

When we’re far enough away that no one will hear, I punch Jason’s bicep. “Why do you insist on torturing that wonderful man?”

He smiles and shrugs one shoulder. “Because I can, and there’s no harm in it. Flirting with him makes him happy and, in a roundabout way, me, too. Pardon my arrogance, but he might jerk off to a fantasy about me and really get off on it.” He stops walking, and I turn to look at him. “Think about it; that two-minute conversation just made his day that much brighter. If you don’t believe me, look at his face.”

I laugh as I continue leading the way. “That’s for sure! He’s definitely going to choke his snake when he thinks about you tonight. You’re so arrogant.” With a wink and a snicker, I turn the corner near the conference room. “Does it make you happy to flirt?”

“Sure does. Why wouldn’t it?”

My head tilts way back so I can look up at him with a furrowed brow. “You want him to fantasize about you?”

“If he’s sexually aroused because I flashed him a smile, isn’t that the best compliment he can give me? Think about it.”

He rests his thick forearm on the wall up by his head and bites his puffy bottom lip as his eyes scale my body. I know what he’s doing; he’s giving me the Brian treatment.

My arms cross over my chest as I perch my weight on my hip. “Stop looking at me like that.”

“Do you have any idea how many times I jerked off while thinking about you after the first time Ben had me pleasure you while you were tied to the mattress?” He looks up at the ceiling and his mouth forms an O. “Girl! My cock was raw, and it still wasn’t enough. I craved you something fierce, and my cock let me know it. I even jerked off in the bathroom at work,” he explains with a whispered voice so deep my pussy twitches.

He looks through my eyes and deep into my soul in the same seductive manner he did with Brian. Poor Brian didn’t stand a chance.

“That’s fucking hot!” I turn, grip the doorknob, and pause. “You jerked off while thinking about me?”

“Fuck yeah. I did! Still do.”

Shocked, I spin my body to face him. “When and where do you find the stamina? I mean, we have sex all the time, so when do you find the time?”

He snickers and waves his brows. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

My shoulders shrug as my head bobs like a bobblehead and my face twists. “Um, yeah! That’s why I asked.”

He reaches for the doorknob, but I get to it first and pull the door open, thus pausing this conversation. But it isn’t over. This curious kitty wants to know more.

I imagine him masturbating in the shower while he thinks about me, and my bottom lip finds a home between my teeth. Recalling the image of him masturbating during a session at the castle has me nearly tripping over the leg of a chair.

All three occupants look up. Ben stands and closes the distance between us. “Jason, what brings you in?”

Jason reaches out to offer his hand. “Nothing. I was just in the neighbourhood and thought I’d drop by.” He gestures his head toward the table. “I won’t stay long; you look busy.”

Ben pats the taller man’s strong shoulder before their hands separate. “Yes. We are. I was just thinking we should pack it in for the day and start fresh tomorrow. We’re tired and frustrated.” He turns and aims his hand palm up toward Janet. “Forgive my rudeness. This is Janet. Janet, Jason.”

She stands and straightens her light green blouse as she greets him with a handshake and a nod. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, too,” he says with a nod and a wickedly sexy grin. 

 I hadn’t realized how much of a flirt he is until just now. Does he flirt with everyone?

The woman flashes a smile that deepens the light creases beside her eyes. She sits and immediately looks down at her paperwork without another glance his way. Oddly, she isn’t taken by him. It’s not like I expect everyone to yearn to be with him because people have different body type preferences, but she dismissed him so quickly… 

Is she a lesbian? I had no idea. Then again, private lives should stay out of the workplace unless they’re having sex in the boss’s office. Yet again, that should still be kept private between the people getting it on.

Jason sits on the edge of the heavy wooden conference table while Ben stands before him with his arms crossed over his chest, feet slightly spread. They’re quietly chatting about tonight. I flop my ass in the high-back leather chair beside Terri, who sits cross-legged while she chews mindlessly on the end of her pen. Is she thinking about putting Jason’s cock in her mouth?

“Hi, darling! I’ve missed you in the bullpen,” I confess and lean toward her while I over-dramatically pout. She nods and sticks out her bottom lip to mimic me. Janet glances at us, then back at a paper to continue writing.

“I miss you, too. I hate being stuck in this room all day.” Terri leans back, runs her fingers through her hair, and scratches her scalp. “Don’t worry, another day or two and we’ll get this all wrapped up.”

Although comforting, I’ll still have to be without her tomorrow. Until now, I hadn’t realized how much she makes my workday bearable.

“Janet’s brilliant!” Terri boasts and lightly pats the table in the woman’s direction.

Janet looks up and smiles. “Thank you. You’re no slump yourself.” She leans back and rubs her left eye a bit too aggressively.

She looks at Terri a little longer than she should. I wonder if Terri knows Janet’s crushing on her.

I ask, “So, Janet, what do you do with your time when you’re not here? We’ve never really chatted and I know nothing about you.”

“No, we haven’t.” Janet shakes her head and swivels her pen between her two fingers. “I don’t do much. I live a rather boring existence.”

I tilt my head, squint my eyes, and twist my lips at the short-haired woman. “Come on now, Janet. There must be something you enjoy doing outside of work.”

She glances at Terri before she answers, “I enjoy rock climbing, long-distance running, and I’m a foodie.”

Can I swing this to get her to admit she has a girlfriend? “Really? Did you know Jason’s a chef? We should take you to his restaurant for dinner one night. You can bring your significant other.”

She looks at Jason, back at me, and clears her throat. “I think she’d like that.”

Without hesitation, Terri asks, “What’s your girlfriend’s name?”

“Wife, actually. Her name’s Carry. We’ve been together for about thirteen years; married for eight.” Tension seems to ease as her shoulders drop.

“Hopefully, we’ll get to meet her one day. You should bring her to Jason’s for dinner. It’ll be on me. Just tell the maître d’ that I sent you.”

Her eyes widen as shock rides over her expression. “Do you mean Jason’s? That fancy restaurant downtown? The one that’s nearly impossible to get into unless you make reservations months in advance? That Jason’s?” She points to my man, but he’s got his back to us. “He’s that Jason?”

“Yup! That’s him!” My arms lift at my sides. “He’ll be there tomorrow evening. You should go so he can spoil your taste buds. I’ll let him know you’re coming, and he’ll hold a table for you.”

Janet beams and nods just once. “Thank you. I’d like that.”

I interrupt Ben and Jason’s conversation with a loud throat clearing. “Ah-hem! Jason?”

He turns. “Yes, love?”

“If Janet brings her wife to your restaurant for dinner tomorrow, will you feed them?” My head tilts. “It’ll be on me.”

“No, babe! It’s on me.” He turns his attention to Janet. “I look forward to it. Come on by tomorrow around six, and tell them you’re my guest. What’s her favourite meal?”

“Thank you so much. That’s extremely kind.” Janet blushes and brushes her hands down her tiny waist to smooth her shirt. “She loves seafood.”

“Seafood it is!” He smiles and claps his hands once. “Well, I must be off. After a quick stop at the restaurant, I’ll head to your place and start setting up.”

He shakes Ben’s hand and gives Terri a peck on the cheek before he tells Janet that he looks forward to feeding her and her wife, and then shakes her hand after Janet stands and offers it to him.

He puts his hand out toward me, even though there’s no way I can reach it from where I sit. “Sam, walk me out?”

“Janet, in case I don’t see you tomorrow, enjoy your dinner.” My fingers tap Terri’s shoulder. “I’ll see you tonight.”

Ben holds his hand out with his palm up. “If you ladies want to get out of here, you’re welcome to. I think we’ve accomplished all we can today. There are a few things I still need to wrap up, and then I’m out of here, too.” 

He’s such a great boss!

Janet says, “I’ll stay and help you wrap things up.”

“No, no. Go home early and surprise your wife with the exciting news,” Ben tells her.

She sits. “I don’t mind staying. What do you need to take care of?” 

“Well, I’m out of here! Thanks, boss!” I slip my hand into Jason’s and skip out of the room. We pass by Brian, who eyes Jason’s crotch while he bites his bottom lip. Way to be cool, Brian!

With a deep, sexy voice, Jason says, “Brian, good to see you again.”

The blushing man nervously bites his pen and nods.

Jason pecks a kiss on my lips and strides away, leaving me at my desk. Terri meets me there and we head toward the door while our co-workers glare. They’re pissed we’re leaving early and they aren’t. I hear someone whisper something about favouritism, so I stick my tongue out at them.

Ben strolls into the bullpen and raises his voice. “There’s only a half-hour left, so if anyone wants to leave early, they’re welcome to. Just don’t punch out and I’ll pay you for the full day. Thank you for your hard work, people.”

That shifted their moods! The room has sprung to life. No longer is the sound of fingers on keyboards or papers shuffling the only thing breaking the ear-ringing silence.

Chapter 2

Break Time

I head back home for a quick shower and slip into something less work-appropriate: a pastel yellow dress that hangs about halfway down my calves. It’s a snug fit at the chest and waist, but loose about the hips. I pull my hair up into a loose ponytail at the back of my head but free some soft curls to frame my face. Flat-soled, yellow shoes finish the ensemble, and I set off to Terri and Ben’s.

There’s a spread of food containers on their counter and empty cookware on the stove, but nobody’s in the kitchen. They’re not outside swimming, either. I think I know where they are.

In the master bedroom, Terri’s kneeling on the bed and Jason’s standing on the floor while he fucks her from behind. Her moans override his panting breaths. By the look of their dishevelled appearances, they’ve been at it for a while.

I clear my throat to alert him before I scratch my nails down his back. At first, he startles and spins his head. He realizes it’s me and huffs out a breath before flashing a smile.

“Hi, babe!” His stroke pauses so he can lean down to kiss me.

Terri’s face turns over her left shoulder, and she smiles. “Hi, sweetie.”

I rock up onto my toes with my hands clasped behind my back and ask a ridiculous question: “Whatcha doin’?”

Terri demands, “Get your pussy over here. I want to eat you.”

After slapping Jason’s ass a few times and being rewarded with his deep growl, I pull off my dress and hang it on the bedpost.

She flips onto her back, and Jason wraps his arms around her waist and scoops her up. He rests his weight on his other hand as he crawls on the bed, and her arms and legs wrap around him like a monkey. She laughs like she’s on a circus ride.

He kneels with his spread knees and his huge hands grip her hips to hold them off the bed enough that he can slide his hard cock into her pussy. He thrusts at a medium pace while she waggles her tongue at me flirtatiously.

I kneel over her head, facing Jason. She wraps her arms over my thighs and pulls me down onto her mouth. My eyelids sag heavily when her tongue laps and flicks at my labia and clitoris. Her mouth’s hot and soft as it drags along my folds. Fuck me to hell! This feels so damn good. A moan eases from my core as if I’ve been awaiting this all day.

Jason’s crooked smile grows seductive as he watches me through hooded eyes. He leans in and tenderly presses his lips to mine. Our lips barely touch as they lightly peck. He stops fucking and reaches up to cradle my cheeks so he can force me to kiss him harder. His kisses bring me into a heightened state of arousal, and the menial bullshit called life falls away. It’s just the three of us sharing a passionate moment.

I lean forward and wrap my hands around his neck to brace myself while we continue to kiss. He grips Terri’s hips so he can fuck her hard. The harder he does, the more intensely she sucks my clit while she flicks at it wildly.

Holy hell!

He whispers, “Turn around.”

Following Jason’s request, I straddle her face with my ass toward him. As soon as Terri pulls me down onto her mouth, he pushes two of his long, fat fingers deep into my vagina. He wiggles them as he fucks me and leans forward to kiss the back of my neck. He’s smooth in his movements and is a great multitasker.

Terri moans into my pussy with every breath but hasn’t stopped pleasuring me for a second.

He rubs his thumb over my asshole, and it’s enough to push me over the edge. My head tips and I cup my breasts and pinch my nipples. I feel like I’m vibrating from my head to my toes as the tingles from my clit rise to my belly button.

“Oh, God!” My words are moaned rather than spoken, “Oh, yeah—”

Terri sucks hard, flaps her tongue and moans loud, adding vibration. An unbearable need rushes through me, and I scream to release it, but the tickle continues. It’s horrible and yet fucking amazing!


I float. Only my clit and her tongue, his fingers and thumb exist.


I try to let it gently flow through me and not bear down; drowning Terri with a gush wouldn’t be good. Reality rushes in when the pleasurable tingles suddenly shift more toward glorious pain.

My back meets the comforter beside Terri while my breathing slows.

He leans over Terri and kisses her lips the same seductive way he kissed me and glides his wide tongue along her chin to taste me. He sits back on his heels and pulls her ass onto his thighs, leaving her upper back to remain on the bed. At this angle, he can slam her g-spot with every thrust.

Jason fucks and watches her grip the comforter as she flips her head side-to-side. She screams through one orgasm after another. He suddenly pulls out, grabs his rock-hard shaft in his fist, and strokes it with brutal force. His arm and abdominal muscles bulge under the strain of his need to release. His lips pull back and his jaw clenches. With nostrils flared, he most resembles a dangerous god. His focus is on me, and I hold his gaze, unblinking.

The sound that fills the room is a cross between a groan, the rise of a cow’s moo, and a man’s scream. It’s loud enough to vibrate my chest. His eyes glaze over. He’s lost within himself.

Jason exhales abruptly, swallows, and gasps. He remains holding his cock until the shudders ease, but he looks back and forth between Terri and me through heavily lidded eyes.

“I fucking love you girls!”

Simultaneously, as if we’d rehearsed, we say, “We love you, too.”

The three of us shower to clean the scent of sex off our bodies before we prepare dinner for our guests. Half an hour later, Ben arrives home.

“Smells great in here,” he says as he nears the island.

“Hi, honey,” Terri says, and kisses him while she holds her sticky hands away from his white dress shirt. She’s been cutting strawberries. Their eyes hold each other’s loving gaze.

Ben sighs. “So beautiful.” 

He walks around the island to me and slinks up behind me, wraps his arms around my waist, and kisses the right side of my neck.

“They let you in the kitchen?” he asks, and I swing my elbow to catch his ribs.

“I get to stand here and drink wine while they work.” I laugh and look over my shoulder at him. “Actually, I just finished cutting the onions, so I’m taking a break.”

“I see.” He clears his throat and slides his hands down to my hips. “So, you aren’t busy?”

Ben bunches my dress up as he lifts it high enough to reveal my bare bottom. He moans his approval while I rub my ass against the front of his thighs.

His hand glides around to the front of me and slips between my thighs to cup my pussy. He kisses my neck as his middle finger presses between my labia. He pokes his fingertip into my vagina and glides back and forth just enough to tease my clit.

Terri laughs. “You’re too late. I already got her off while Jason fucked me.”

Ben stops kissing and pulls his hand away as he groans disappointed.

I turn and hop onto the stool with my legs parted and pull him to me using my legs. His hands caress up my thighs as he steps closer.

With a pouty bottom lip, I whisper, “Nobody fucked me yet.”

“Hmm. I can remedy that for you.” Ben’s lips taste salty like my skin. He undoes his dress pants and they pool at his ankles.

I lick my fingers and swipe them over my pussy. His cock is so hard! As he steps closer, he slides into me completely. My eyelids flutter as I lean my upper back against the counter.

The chair spins just enough that I yip, expecting to fall off. Ben lifts me by my ass and laughs as he’s unsuccessful in kicking off his pants. His shoes shuffle as he carries me to the sofa by the bay window without tripping. There’s laughter coming from the two worker bees in the kitchen.

They continue preparing the food and watch Ben sit me on the back of the sofa to fuck me. He reaches under my ass to lift my hips enough to bury himself even deeper into me.

Holy fuck! I’m almost there. He moans, readying himself to take his release a moment after my orgasm takes me.

Terri yells, “Mom! Hi! You’re early!” 


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