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Published June 26, 2017 by eXcessica Publishing 


Terri is a mild-mannered, career driven woman who has been living a secret life as JoeSmith's toy.

     She receives an email every Friday with instructions to follow and hints about what fantasy he is going to play out. On Saturday, she is driven to the castle in a limo while wearing a blackout hood to hide its location. Her make-up and hair are prepared to his exact specifications. A scantily dressed leader guides her to the room her master has chosen. Each room is different, designed to satisfy any sexual fantasy. Terri is tied, chained or cuffed into JoeSmith's preassigned position. She must remain silent.

     By wearing a mask and speaking in whispers, the mystery of his identity is kept from her. His insatiable fantasies involving sex, bondage, pleasure and pain are what she craves. He tests her limits with his sadistic ways. Break his rules and the punishments increase. Her mind and body are strong enough to persevere, earning his rewards but what she really wants is his loving kiss and gentle touch.

     After she introduces her best friend to her lifestyle, their friendship becomes intimate and the sessions become much more intense. When another man weaves his way into her heart, she must decide between love, desire, want and need.


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