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Book Two

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Coming October 1, 2022

Will shattering the illusion of anonymity destroy more than the trust built behind secrets?


I’m torn between telling Sam the truth or allowing her the continued allure of JoeSmith’s mystery. Her relationship with Jason blooms, and her desire to test her skills as a dominant is put to the test.


The steamy romance with my millionaire boss hangs in the balance between truth and doubt.


A promotion means extra time with him, but his sexy eyes and tailored suits make it impossible to focus. Our love flourishes, lessening my need for castle visits with JoeSmith.


Knowing JoeSmith’s identity should make things easier but I have more questions than ever.


His heart is mine, but do I deserve it?


 *DISCLAIMER: This romantic erotica, four-book series contains explicit sexual situations including BDSM which might cause triggers to a more sensitive reader. All sexual activity is consensual or consensual-non-consent. 

*​​​​*This book ends with a cliffhanger.


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