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Published August 23, 2017 by eXcessica Publishing


     The sadomasochistic adventures of JoeSmith continue in book two, in descriptive detail through the eyes of Sam. The tale picks up three months later as she’s moving into Ben and Terri’s guesthouse. The castle isn’t the only place where JoeSmith plays with his submissives.

     Sam proves to be a strong, natural dominant when JoeSmith begins training her to expand on her deepest desires. She takes complete control of Mule and Terri, pushing them to their physical and sexual limits while JoeSmith watches on, admiring how easily she plays the role of Mistress Samantha.

     After Terri and Ben leave on their honeymoon, Jason and Sam take time to explore each other’s kinky sexual desires while falling head over heels for one another. Upon his return, JoeSmith delves deeper into his erotic fantasies, pushing his subjects to their breaking point.

     During a hostage situation, the life of the mighty and powerful Jason is threatened after becoming a hero to one of his employees.

     Jason, Terri and Ben arrange a surprise for Sam that sweeps her off her feet, proving the unbreakable, loving bond between the four of them. A stay in the east wing of the castle during renovations proves to be erotic when a long-awaited tryst ensues between Terri, Sam and the dangerously alluring Lady Catherine. As a friendship develops between Sam and the glorious dominatrix, the truth about Jason is brought to light.


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