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This is me, Pebbles.  >

It never ceases to surprise me when people agree to come to my house, follow me into my basement, willingly take off all their clothes, let me bind them in rope, and then take pictures of them to use however I desire.


I hope I never lose my convincing ways .



but I like to dabble.

Here are some shots I favour.

The photos of the gorgeous, musclebound man were taken by the lovely Sharon Seguin

Mistress black and white by Pebbles Lacasse.JPG
Chris 1 by Pebbles Lacasse
Chris with paddle by Pebbles Lacasse.jpg
Crystal bound face down ass up.jpg
Leather Wrists Chris by Pebbles Lacasse
Dominatrix green hair rope.jpg
Bound Gem.jpg
IMG_4801 Pebbles signature.JPG
Arms bound schoolgirl skirt by Pebbles Lacasse.jpg
Chris Spiderweb.jpg
JM Camaro Signature.jpg
Chris Pose Sheet by Pebbles Lacasse
Gem in a Spiderweb by Pebbles Lacasse
FQGE9854 copy.JPG
Napping Chris on Red by Pebbles Lacasse
Chris in Bed Arm Up.jpg
Chris Dominant Harness Flogger by Pebbles Lacasse
Signature Sexy Lisa.jpg
Chris Spiderweb b&w by Pebbles Lacasse
Lisa signature red rope.JPG
IMG_4829 copy 2.JPG
Chris at window by Pebbles Lacasse.jpg
Tattoo shoes Lisa by Pebbles Lacasse.jpg
Dominatrix for Hire b&w signature.jpg
Dominant Chris with hat by Pebbles Lacasse
_Web Chris Signature.jpg


I just did a photoshoot of a beautiful woman who you are going to love. 

Coming soon!!!