"My TBR Grew By Every Story She Has Written. Loved It!

        My first Lacasse book; and I'm letting you know, my TBR grew by every story she has written. I love that she has explored this taboo theme so tastefully. Though I am in a monogamous relationship, what woman does not enjoy the attention of a man who is not her husband? Jake and Beth have a definite spark, and her husband Henry's permission to explore it. Variety is the spice of life right? Perhaps this dalliance (or is it just a dalliance) will light the fire again for Beth and Henry. Wonderful characters who'll make you tingle, and not just a little! Loved it!"



Published October 11, 2019 by Pebbles Lacasse

Beth is a mystery writer, unable to find an ending to her newest manuscript. The stories she writes aren’t thrilling her the way they used to. Although happy with the life she’s built with her husband, Henry, a little more spice in their sex life would relieve the monotony that’s stalling her creativity.


Henry is a high-powered accountant, in a stressful position. He works long hours, but always makes time for the love of his life, Beth. Henry has a secret desire to watch his wife being seduced by his sexually dominant co-worker and friend, Jake.


She agrees to meet with the younger, gorgeous man, but only after Henry’s urging. She can’t deny how his confidence and sexy, seductive voice excites her. His explanation of the rules convinces her that she can walk away at any time. Jake hopes she’ll discover how powerful she is, through her submission to his BDSM desires. Her sessions with him test her mentally, physically and emotionally. She soon finds herself craving what he has to offer.


Henry’s voyeuristic desires bring forth the question of his own submission. Is being under the power of a woman, or another man, something he’s willing to do for his wife? With their marriage thrive, or fail, when they take things further than either had planned? 


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