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A Run With Charlie

“Know What You’re Getting: HOT, feel-good quicky with sexy fun times.
If you need more plot/drama/backstory, move along.

Looking to escape reality for a little while? This is a great way to do just that.

— Review by Sleepy_Reader


By Pebbles Lacasse

 is a short story about Beverly, her dog and a charming stranger named Randy. 

      After she stumbles while on a run with her dog, a shirtless musclebound man comes to her aid. She fears Charley’s man-hating disposition, but he surprises her when he drops at the man’s feet and begs for a belly rub.

      Trusting her dog’s instincts, she believes Randy to have good intentions and allows him to drive her home. 

      A passionate kiss is the start to the most erotic sexual encounter she’s ever had the pleasure of experiencing. 

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