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Published December 23, 2017 by eXcessica Publishing


Alexa & Blaire have professional careers that fill the weekdays but their weekends are all about satisfying their masochistic desires. Their eagerness to be bound in positions that appease the fantasies of near strangers is beyond what most would dare to endure. The sizzling hot women are empowered by a yearning to be disciplined as they welcome new and exciting ways of being pleasured while they succumb to controlled pain.


Blaire is a platinum blonde beauty who looks sweet as pie when modeling for photoshoots all over the world. The moment she walks into a dungeon, the cute innocence disappears. Her desires are to have her petite body bound tightly

and taken with force. Her need to give up control to a more aggressive person arouses her wild spirit.


With great detail, Alexa tells the seductive tale of how she loves to be confrontational with her dominant, defying them so they’ll inflict harsher punishments. She will endure whatever is put upon her, hoping they’ll take her into a heightened state of orgasmic euphoria that she desperately seeks.


Neither woman considers falling in love until three dominant men enter their lives, each one able to fulfil whatever insatiable sexual appetite the ladies possess, while beckoning for their love. Both begin to realize they can’t keep their hearts from craving the men they permit to use them in ways that satisfy their dominating, sexually aggressive hungers. Alexa’s heart is torn between a rich, emotionally reserved man who takes her to a physical euphoria like nobody else, and a humble, loving man who isn’t quite as viscous or cruel in the playroom as she desires but will be gentle with her shattered heart. Should she play it safe, risk it all or just walk away.


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