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Little Miss Muffett

“This ain’t your mama’s Little Miss Muffet… or if it is, uhmmm, I can’t imagine my mom reading this, haha.

This is a really short read, but quite well done. If I say too much, it gives you the whole story and I hate when people paraphrase the story in their review. This story is left such that the author can revisit and make it longer, give you more, or expand on other characters.

Great read for a lil sexy time to yourself.. This story+wine+bubble bath=a GREAT escape!”

— Rachel Bound By Books


Miss Maryann Muffet is walking through life in a daze, numb from the burdens of her husband and father’s deaths, and the heavy workload she inherited with the family business.

Evan Spider is a new employee, determined to break her out of her daily funk, by waking her sexuality with his dashing good looks and persistent nature. 

She might own the company, but he will own her

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