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Published February 15, 2018 by eXcessica Publishing


     Mistress Tarah quenches the secret kinky thirsts of her wealthy clients, pushing each person’s boundaries to their limit. Whether they want to be humiliated, adored, punished or bound, she enjoys taking them into their world of fantasy, ensuring their experience with her is unequalled. Mistress Tarah thrives in her expert ability to dish out exactly the right amount of pain before pleasure, never leaving a client disappointed no matter the depth of their perversion.


     Victor is a ferocious master of his own dungeon, but when Mistress Tarah calls, she need only ask him to join hr and he will eagerly fulfill her client’s desire of being physically overwhelmed by a musclebound, beast of a man. He has an uncanny ability of bringing both men and women to unimaginable heightened states of arousal.

     When he leaves the dungeon, he becomes the gentle giant who loves and adores Mistress Tarah with a patient easiness that she doesn’t understand. The one thing she fears the most is giving her love away, no matter how much she wants to let herself fall for Victor’s gentle touch, loving arms and his promise of an everlasting love.


     Her fears of meeting his family have her doubting they will accept her unconditionally if Victor reveals who she is. When one of her top clients is discovered to be an important member of Victor’s family, will this new information cast her out of his life, proving to her once again that nobody can love unconditionally--not even Victor.


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