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Coaching Rayna Book 2

Book Two, Second Edition
The Sexy Series People Can’t Get Enough Of
by Pebbles Lacasse


“Coaching Rayna: Bound Hearts”

Book 2

By Pebbles Lacasse





       I’ve been living with Rayna and her two awesome kids for eight months now and I couldn’t be happier. I love what we’ve become; a loving family.

       Ken and I are more friends than stepfather and stepson. I still call him my little man, but he’s growing and will soon catch up to me in height. He’s thirteen and has a lot of questions about sex that he’s too embarrassed to ask his mom. I do my best to steer the kid in the right direction but it’s not easy sometimes.

       Kim, Rayna’s daughter, is eleven years old. She likes to sit next to me while we’re watching television so she can feel the muscles on my arm. She’s a sweet girl and the spitting image of her mom. I love that little darling. I don’t know how I’ll be when she starts dating; an overprotective, threatening, chaperoning stepfather. Yeah, very likely. Nobody is going to hurt her!

       I’m in to rough sex; BDSM to be more specific. My whole life before Rayna, the love of my life, I was a wild, vicious, sexual demon. Well, my demon still exists, I just keep him better contained these days. Little by little, she’s setting him free, but I have to keep him leashed. I don’t want to hurt Rayna.

       I’ve always respected women when we aren’t in the bedroom, unless they agree to be my submissive whenever they are with me. I’ll admit I was an asshole to all of them. I treated them like shit; degraded them, chained them, fucked them hard and spit in their faces. Strangely, they must have enjoyed my abuse because those women kept coming back for more torture.

       It satisfied the viciousness I carry within me, but my heart was frozen, locked inside an impenetrable vault. I kept everyone away from my heart. My friends were just that, friends. I do love them, but my lovers never felt even the slightest of heartfelt emotion from me. If they said they loved me, I forbid them to visit me again. Like I said, I was an asshole.

       Until Rayna, that is. She woke up my heart with her eyes. Somehow, that woman looked at me when I was inside of her and it warmed my soul. From then on, she has been mine and I, hers. I will always love this woman.

       Rayna was kidnapped, beat up and nearly raped, but I found her before he could hurt her in the worst way. I wanted to kill him. He used to be my friend, someone I used to share my submissive women with. Don’t judge. Those women wanted to be with us. Taking two men at the same time can be an ultimate fantasy for some women. They thoroughly enjoyed it, trust me.

       That guy, Brett, has always been a scary man. He is a true sadist. If a woman screamed in pain, something in him snapped. He’s nearly choked a woman to unconsciousness. He liked to leave them battered and bruised. The women he hurt came back to him again and again, I don’t know why. When he was with me, he would never injure a woman, he knew I’d beat the fuck out of him if he did. Sexual play, BDSM, was great but no dangerous play was allowed only visible bruises could be left on parts of their bodies that can easily be hidden from society.

       It’s been eight months since Rayna was kidnapped and she’s doing well. She was quite skittish for a few months but she’s a strong woman. She’s overcome most of her anxieties and seems to be back to her old self, so to speak.

       Rayna is coming out of the bathroom wearing a silky blue chemise that clings to her breasts as she walks. I’m hoping it will soon be on the floor. I never attack her. She lets me know when she’s ready and how she wants me. Whether she wants it rough or gentle, she always gets her way and I never leave her unsatisfied.

       “Master, would you like to use my body for your own pleasure?” she whispers in her sweet voice as she stands at the edge of the bed.

       “I do. How hard would you like me to be?” I whisper back. I’m already getting off the bed and making my way toward her so I can make her my sexual plaything. I just need to know how far she wants to take it tonight.

       “You can have my mouth and my pussy but not my ass. Breath control is okay and so is spanking, hair pulling, pinching and very hard fucking.”

       I walk up behind her and place my hands on her shoulders. She shudders as the heat of my palms radiates through her air-chilled skin. I hear her breath catch. Affecting her this way makes my dick swell.

“Take off your nightie,” I whisper with my hot breath caressing her neck. Tiny bumps lift all over her body as if I’ve electrocuted her. She pulls her chemise slowly, teasingly up, exposing her ass, lower back and finally her shoulders. My dick stiffens even more when her hair falls to her shoulders and the nightie floats to the floor.

       My fingers weave into her hair, grasping a wad and pulling her head around so I can kiss her mouth, hard. My tongue invades her while she opens wide. Her tongue, not knowing where to be, rests at the bottom of her mouth, occasionally waving when mine slides along its bumpy exterior.

       My groan has her reaching up to cradle my cheek, which she knows she’s not allowed to do, not during rough play. There are to be no tender moments after she requests me to Master her. Those loving moments are for making love, which we are not doing.

       I take her wrist and pull it behind her back, along with the other. There’s always a two-metre rope in the nightstand. I pull open the drawer.

       “Get the rope for me,” I whisper in her ear. 

       She doesn’t hesitate, leaning in with her face to clutch the rope in her jaws. She stands up, holding the rope tightly in her teeth with her head turned toward me, offering it to me. She’s a good girl for not questioning my instructions.

       After binding her hands behind her back, I turn her around to face me. “Get on your knees, slut.”

She drops, her eyes still locked on mine, awaiting another instruction. I watch her lick her lips, waiting for me to drop my boxers, but she can wait until I’m ready.

       On the dresser are a bunch of elastics she uses to tie her hair up. I take one and begin gently gathering her locks until I have a lovely ponytail high at the back of her head.

       I drop my boxers and smile as my cock springs forth, solid and thick. Her eyes gaze at my prick. Her focus is to be on my face whenever possible, unless I tell her to look away. That is a rule I don’t like her breaking. I don’t touch my cock. I wait for her to look up at me, to acknowledge that she faltered.

       “I’m sorry, Master,” she says after her head tilts back and her eyes meet mine.

“Make it up to me, take my cock down your throat.”

       She licks her lips again, and with her eyes on mine, my cock slides into her mouth and down her throat with ease. I can’t help but moan. It feels so fucking good; hot, wet, snug and deep.

       I grasp her ponytail and hold her face against my belly with my prick still buried in her throat. I’m thankful that she’s not a gagger. Instead, her body shifts, and her hands start to fidget with the end of rope within their reach, possibly giving her a sense of freedom, should she need it. I pull her head back quickly when I’m sure she’s on the edge of panic.

       Rayna takes a few quick breaths as her weeping eyes lock onto mine. “Thank you, Sir.”

       I tilt her head back down and aim my cock, guiding her by her ponytail, making sure she sucks me right.

       “I’m going to fuck your throat again. Are you ready? I won’t be kind,” I warn her.

       “I’m ready, Master,” she whispers with a quivering voice. I can hear the concern behind her words.

       She doesn’t care for this, but I would never hurt her, and she knows that. I have asked her many times if she’d rather I don’t do this to her, but she always tells me to do it because feeling like she’s just an object for me to play with excites her. She enjoys not having any control, but she knows it will stop the second she wants it to. 

       “Open that beautiful fucking mouth of yours and don’t move.”

She opens wide. Her focus is on my lascivious grin. I press my hips forward, pushing half of my cock into her mouth and then pull back. She knows I’m getting ready to hump against her face, forcing her to swallow every inch of me.

       I fuck her mouth gently for a full minute before gliding all the way in, pulling back until the tip of my cock rests on her lips, and repeating, over and over until she’s out of breath and tears are streaming down her face. Since she can’t say a safeword, if she wants me to stop while in this position, she’s to lift and drop her lower leg on the floor quickly and repeatedly. I will immediately cease.

       I grab her under the armpits and lift her to her feet. With the palms of my hands, I smear her tears all over her face and kiss her lips roughly. I suck her bottom lip into my mouth and bite and hold it until she whimpers. This is not a romantic moment.

       I look down her body, “You are a beautiful woman.”

       “Stop it. I’m not,” she replies, knowing that pisses me off when she denies her worth.

       I pick her up and toss her onto the bed. She squeals as she bounces. I’m on her, straddling her knees, holding her legs together. She lifts her arms over her head, clasping them together, because she knows it’s what I require her to do. I slap her right tit and watch the ripple flow. She doesn’t yelp. Perhaps that didn’t sting enough.

       My palm slaps across her breast once again, and then the other hand matches the motion exactly on her opposite breast. They are bouncing, jiggling like gelatine each time my hand cracks down. Now she’s whimpering. This pleases me. I stop when they are a lovely shade of pink and her nipples have stiffened up to being slightly larger than pencil erasers.

My mouth envelops her right nipple, sucking hard. I nip now and then just to hear her yip. Her other nipple is just as hard and entertaining to bite.

       I slide my finger between her closed thighs, along her womanhood. She’s so wet. With my finger drenched in her pussy juice, I lift my hand and shove two of my fingers in her mouth.

       “Taste your dirty little pussy. Do you like it?”

       “Yes, Sir,” she replies even though my fingers are deep in her mouth.

       I slide two saliva coated digits between her outer labia and pinch her clitoris between them. I pinch hard, watching her face tense and hear her breath hesitate. I ease off slightly now rubbing either side of it, alternating; one rubs up while the other glides down. I know she enjoys this. Her face says it all. Goddamn, she’s fucking sexy!

       Now that she’s well lubricated, I push further between the clutches of her thighs, slipping those two fingers inside her, just the tips to tease her. Her pelvis tilts upward, giving me a bit more leeway to penetrate her deeper, but I won’t, not yet.

       As soon as she lets out the slightest moan, I rise up off of her legs just enough to lift and flip her body face down. Her ass is round and firm, not the ass of a thirty-eight-year old woman who’s had two children. Most women my age, twenty-eight, don’t have asses this perfect.

       My finger traces her spine, leading down the crack of her ass. She lifts her pelvis as high as she can manage, which isn’t much since I’m straddling her thighs. It’s nice of her to offer herself to me. As a reward for her generosity, my palm cracks down on her butt cheek. She drops her hips back to the bed, burying her face in the comforter to muffle a cry. That doesn’t stop me from doing it again.

       Rayna’s yelping into the comforter and trying to cover her ass with her hands, but it’s no use. I just lift them using the rope binding her wrists. My hand cracks down three more times on her right cheek. I switch the rope to my right hand and punish her left cheek equally.

       I slip two fingers between her ass cheeks and down to her wetness. They slip inside her easily. She’s slick with arousal. I bet she tastes great. I sample her flavour, sucking my fingers loud enough for her to hear. She loves it when I do this. After releasing her wrists, I reach beneath her bound arms to grasp her ponytail, lifting her arms while pulling back her head. 

       “What are you?” I ask her.

       “I’m your slut,” she replies.

       “You’re my fucking little whore,” I correct her.

       “I’m your fucking little whore,” she replies.

       I slip my fingers back inside her cunt and start waving my strong fingers quickly and powerfully toward her tummy. I pull back on her head, lifting her arms higher in the process. I know it’s an uncomfortable position, but she isn’t complaining, other than a few grunts.

       Her moans are getting louder and starting to fill the room. Our bedroom isn’t all that far away from the kids’ bedrooms and we fear they might one day hear us playing rough. Rayna always makes sure they are fast asleep before initiating sex. I’d rather be safe than sorry, so I had better muffle her mouth.

       I release her hair. I free my hand from between her legs and feed it down between her rope bound wrists, and pull them back with my arm, arching her spine in the process. It pleases me that she is so flexible. I stretch her until I can slip my fingers back into her pussy. This time, I slip my thumb over her clitoris and rub as I wave my fingers. I cover her mouth with my free hand to muffle her erotic sounds and lift her head just slightly, taking some of the strain off her arms.

       She’s going to cum, I can feel her pussy tightening around my fingers. Should I let her? Hmm, yes, I will. Now all I can hear is her low grunts and the sloshing sounds of my fingers in her sloppy cunt.

Her muscles flex, desperate for her body to straighten. My forearm is holding her bound wrists, but she’s still pulling. Her hands are gripped into tight fists and her ass is rock hard. Her whole body holds stiff as the orgasm shreds through her. This is the moment I love the most; when I know she’s at the height of the climactic euphoria I allowed her to experience. At this very second, I own her body, her mind, her pleasure. She’s mine. At my mercy. I am her whole world.

       Her body jerks several times, signifying that she’s ridden through her orgasm and is not likely to scream. I free her mouth. She heaves out a long breath. Her groan, as I lower her to the bed and removing my hand from between her legs, is music to my ears.

       I untie her hands and roll her onto her back, lying my body between her thighs. My prick is throbbing, aching to be inside her. I slip into her, one inch at a time until she has engulfed me completely. Our eyes meet, gentle smiles lift our lips just before I press mine to her. I wanted to make love to her tonight, as well as satisfy my dominant nature. The demon will stay locked away tonight.

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