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Book 3: Nurture

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Moving in with Ben and Terri


       There it is—the guesthouse. I’m moving in today!

       My apartment was a shit-hole, so my best friend, Terri, and her fiancé, Ben, suggested I move in with them. At first, I resisted because they recently moved in together and I don’t want to intrude. But my lease was up and I wasn’t ready to live with my gorgeous, loving, dom/sub switch boyfriend, Jason. They begged me to take the guesthouse.

       Ben’s loaded! I didn’t know how rich he is until Terri took me to his home a few months ago. By then, she and Ben were engaged. He comes from old family money, but he doesn’t rely on it; he earns his wealth through hard work. His business opened about nine years ago, but Terri and I didn’t start working there until three years later.

       Ben’s not only my best friend’s fiancé and our boss—he’s also our master, JoeSmith. He’s a dominant/sadist, and Terri and I are masochists. JoeSmith thinks I could be a great mistress, so he’s been showing me the ropes… pardon the pun. He’s taught me a lot, and I’m eager to learn more.

       Terri and I have been friends since college when I snuck into one of the lecture halls late. If the professor had seen me, he would’ve dismissed me, and another tardy would have sent me packing. The desk closest to the door was empty, which was right beside her. We became best friends. Later that year, when her roommate graduated and moved out, she asked me to move in. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

       About six months ago, Terri told me a secret that changed my life. After badgering her about where she’d disappear to nearly every Saturday night, she confessed. A limo would take her to a castle where an anonymous, masked man punished and then rewarded her with incredible 0rgasms.

       Her secret took me by surprise because I couldn’t imagine the woman who comes across as rather vanilla was into something like that.

       Terri’s pretty reserved; not loud and in-your-face, like me. She never really had many sexual partners, which is opposite of me. I don’t apologize for my sexuality because there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your body, whether male, female, or somewhere in between.

       When she told me her secret, I begged her to let me come along. The way she described how much she loved going intrigued me. Of course, I’d enjoyed some BDSM porn, especially where a person was spanked or whipped, sexua11y teased, and rewarded with a mind-blowing 0rgasm. So, I thought, why not?

       Back then, we didn’t know ( ;p ) was JoeSmith. He wore a mask to cover his head most of the time. When he didn’t want to cover his head, he blindfolded us with hoods. The anonymity was part of the thrill, and we loved it. Finding out his identity left me with mixed emotions. Ben’s a fucklng hot boss, so of course, I had fantasies. But the who is he part of our playing was gone, and it was slightly disappointing. 

       I should mention that Terri and I are also lovers. JoeSmith initiated our sexual relationship the very first time he met me at the castle, bound to a tall bedpost. She and I continued our sexual relationship, and do so whenever the mood hits us.

       Terri and ( ;p ) had sex before she knew he was JoeSmith. He kept that from her because he wanted to keep his alter ego anonymous, and he was afraid she’d hate him or tell her coworkers—his employees. He was in love with her and afraid to lose her.

       They’re set to marry soon, and I’ll be her maid of honour, of course. Terri doesn’t get along well with her half-sister because that chick is a total bltch! She’ll still be in the wedding party. Her mom would disown her if she didn’t include Christy.

       Ben’s usually gentle with us here at his house, but when we get to the castle, he becomes JoeSmith. Our master. We like it that way! It was a complete shock to find out that Ben is the king of the castle—he owns it.

       During our playdates, JoeSmith sometimes introduces other people to suit his fantasy. He introduced us to Mule, a tall, muscular man with long blond hair that flows almost to his waist. The man has the face of a magazine model with flawlessly defined features, a sculpted jawline, and sky-blue eyes that make your heart skip a beat. His cock is huge! Basically, he’s the perfect man for me and a total gentleman who loves me to pieces.

       Did I mention he’s lying in the bed next to me?

       Jason’s play name is Mule, and he happily plays the role of either a submissive or dominant. He prefers women to top him, but he’s fabulous when he’s granted control. He is the first man I ever pegged! It was thrilling!

       When he found out my lease was ending, he asked me to move in with him. But the relationship is still new, so taking some time to get to know each other is probably wise. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

       At this stage in our relationship, I want to be next to him all the time. We make a great couple and it’s easy to imagine us growing old together and taking on the world as one. There’s no guarantee he’ll love me forever, but I want to believe so.

       When I park my car in their wide cement driveway, Terri waves at me while Ben tells two of the moving men where to put the boxes once inside the guesthouse. Since almost everything was sold and I donated the leftovers to a few college kids, I didn’t need a moving company, but Ben insisted.

       The guesthouse is furnished so my stuff wouldn’t have fit in here anyway. If all goes well with Jason, I won’t need that stuff at his house either. I didn’t know in the beginning, but Jason has a fat bank account, too. He owns the best restaurant in the city and he’s a renowned chef. There’s a waitlist for tables that requires a reservation four months in advance. He’s been featured in magazines. He’s kind of a big deal.

       I’m not with him for the money; I have plenty of my own. He’s the only man I ever met who I can see myself being with every day for the rest of my life and never get bored of having him beside me.

       Terri couldn’t be happier since she moved in with Ben and he treats her like a queen. Maybe better than a queen. If you’re your man’s sex object he can toy with at a castle and then take home to make sweet love to, how can you possibly be anything but happy? Terri loves his sadistic side as well as his loving gentleman nature.

        “Hello, lovely people!” I sing to announce my presence as I dance my way toward the moving van.

       Terri hugs and kisses me.

       Ben hugs me and keeps his arm around my shoulder, and grins wickedly. “You’re not getting away that easily. Tonight, we’re coming to your bed. Terri and I need to welcome you to our home. What better way than with sexua1 gratification?” His thin lips press to the top of my head.

       I giggle and wave my brows at Terri. “And I shall welcome you both, Sir and Lady. Jason said he’ll be here when he’s finished at the restaurant.”

       Terri picks up the canvas duffel I dropped when she hugged me. “What time will he be done?”

       When I offer to take it from her, she slings it over her shoulder. I reply, “He said around eleven o’clock. He’s going to come straight here.”

       Terri bites her lip and whispers, “I don’t think I can wait that long to get you naked because I had a dream last night that you were sitting on the island in the guesthouse kitchen—your kitchen—with your legs spread and I,” she pauses and we snicker as the men pass nearby, “was sitting on a stool, eating your pussy. Our men were watching while they sipped whiskey. So, as soon as the movers leave, you’re mine.”

       My c1it twitches. I’ll never forget the day I tasted her for the first time at JoeSmith’s demand. He forced me to kneel in front of her and positioned my face near her vagina. He had me stick my tongue on her clit and told me to keep still while he paddled my ass until it was red hot. Later, he had me suck and lick her clit until she came. When she and I were alone in the showers, she returned the favour. Neither of us had given oral sex to a woman previous to that night. It was a learning curve and a fun one.

       We have sex with each other whenever we want. We share the boys and they share us. Since everything’s in the open, there’s no jealousy and no need to lie.

       While Ben talks to the movers, she leads me by the hand to my new abode. I still can’t believe I’ll be living in this place. It’s like a palace compared to the noisy, smelly, broken-down building I’ve lived in for the past five years.

       Boxes wait in the different rooms for me to sift through. Thankfully, there aren’t many. Terri slides a box off the kitchen island and onto the stove. At first, I think she’s going to unpack it, but she taps her hand on the counter and smiles.

       She says, “Get your firm little ass over here and have a seat.”

       Just outside the window, Ben hands an envelope to the movers and shakes their hands before they leave.

       I cross the room, grip the counter, and hop up. She’s pleased when my fingertips grip the hem of my skirt and lift, revealing no panties. She puts her hands between my knees and slowly slides them up my thighs, parting my legs as she does. With me leaning back on my wrists, she…


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