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“Goldilocks & the Three Bear Brothers: Overture”

Book 3

By Pebbles Lacasse



     Nobody’s home when we pull in. Lizzy parks her burgundy Jeep beside my car and gets out while she looks in awe at the house. I gather my bag and lead the way up the porch. I love her reaction. I’m so proud of this house.

     “Oh, my God! You lucky bitch! Look at this fucking place! It’s like….” She turns and spots the river through the clearing. “It’s fucking beautiful here. How can you stand it?”

     “Come on in,” I shout to get her attention before she wanders toward the river.

     She ascends the stairs while admiring the exterior and the hand-carved front door. “Oh, that’s it! I’m moving in!”

     “You might have to share a bed with Patch since he’s moving in, too.”

     “That might be fun!” She laughs. “He’s fucking hot in your pictures. He has this naughty bad boy look about him.”

     I set my bag on the bench near the door and she follows suit. She slips out of her shoes but leaves them where someone might trip on them. Patch will surely scowl and place them properly if he comes home.

     Lizzy follows me as I show her around the house and gush at how much I love the guys for their kindness. She’s in awe of the woodwork. She claims that Patch could make a killing by selling to people. I explain that he’s too humble to take more money than he thinks is fair.

     After I show her the upstairs and the living room, we head to the kitchen where I pour us each a glass of white wine. I show her the rooms and conclude the tour in the master bedroom. She stands just inside the door and bites her lip while she stares at the dark red, duvet-covered, king-size bed.

     She sips her wine and whispers, “So, this is where all the magic happens.”

     Her sideways grin and dreamy eyes have me wishing I could read her thoughts. What is she picturing? Does she imagine herself being mauled by one Bear brother or all three? Or does she see me naked and lost in the pleasures of three sinfully sexy men?

     I clear my throat to get her attention. Her cheeks flush. She sips her wine and follows me into the bathroom. As soon as she enters, her face lights up. She sets her wine on the counter between the double sinks and climbs into the huge tub. She lies back as if she were soaking her weary bones.

     “Would you like to take a bath? You’re welcome to,” I say with a smile. “Bath sheets are in the closet. Salts and multiple essential oils are over there; personally, I favour the Lavender.”

     She sits up and stares through the large one-way window beside the tub. “I might never leave this tub if I lived here.”

     “It’s a good thing you don’t live here then.” I shrug when she looks at me questioningly. “You’d be a shrivelled mess.” We both laugh as she climbs out.

     We sink ourselves into the Adirondack chairs on the deck and sip our refilled wine glasses. The alcohol eases away the anxieties of the workday. 

     The sun hovers low in the sky when Patch’s truck pulls in. He parks behind my car but ogles us as he exits his truck.

     As he lazily struts toward the porch with a duffle bag slung over his shoulder, he looks sexier than I’ve ever seen him. It’s not that he looks any different than he does any other day, but the way Lizzy’s breath catches has me admiring him as the sexy being I know him to be.

     His faded, snug-fit jeans do nothing to hide the bulge of his groin, nor his thick, muscular thighs or firm round ass. His shirt is draped over his shoulder beneath the bag’s strap. In the rare places his skin isn’t smudged with dirt, he glistens with the sweat from a hard day’s work. He has a five o’clock shadow that I’m sure he’ll take care of soon since he prefers to be smoothly shaven.

     She whispers under her breath. “Oh. My. God!” She looks wide-eyed at me before her gaze returns to him. “That’s Patch?”

     “Yes, ma’am,” I reply as his worn-in steel-toed boots thump with each step up the stairs.

     He tosses the bag toward the door and it lands with a thud. His eyes are fixed on Lizzy. I don’t blame him; she’s gorgeous and her fiery red hair glimmers in the sagging evening sun.

     Despite her efforts to appear nonchalant, she clutches the armrests of her Adirondack chair and swallows hard. Her eyes follow his every step.

     Patch’s attention directs to me. He leans in and kisses my lips tenderly.

     I ask, “Who’s bike do you have in the back of your truck?”

     He looks at the black and silver crotch-rocket. As if remembering something upsetting, his brow scrunches and he sighs heavily. “It’s Mack’s.”

     “I didn’t know he had a bike?”

     “It’s been in the shed in desperate need of repairs for a few years. I didn’t think he’d ever want to ride again after someone clipped him and it nearly wrote the bike off. He kept all of his skin thanks to his leathers but he broke some fingers. He was bruised all down his left side.” He groans as he looks at the bike. “Anyway, since he’s out of town he called to ask if I could pick it up at the shop.”

      I shake my head. “I don’t like it.”

     “Me either, but he’s a grown man.” He sits in the chair across from Lizzy, leans back and scans her up and down. “And who might you be?” His voice is deep with an easiness to it that has her thighs squeezed together. He crosses his feet but his knees are spread. One hand rests on his thick thigh and the other rests on the armrest.

     I clear my throat. “Patch, meet my friend Lizzy. We work together at the hospital. You’ve heard me talk about her on more than one occasion.”

     “I can finally put a beautiful face to the name.” He leans forward to stretch his hand toward her while his eyes blaze into hers. “Hello, Lizzy.” Her name rolls off his tongue.

     “Hi.” She shakes his hand. He hesitates before he releases it. She clears her throat, slips her hand from his, and snuggles back into the chair. “You built an incredible home. It’s fabulous.”

     His hand—stained of dirt from a hard day’s work—strokes his thigh, drawing her eyes down toward his bulging crotch. He’s testing her with subtle gestures to see if she’ll show a sexual interest in him. Either that or he’s simply toying with her. She’s fallen right into his trap and the twitch of his lips proves it.

     He asks, “What’s your favourite thing about this house, Lizzy?”

     She looks up from his thigh and fixes her eyes on me. “The tub, I think.” She smiles wide and her cheeks flush.

     “She hopped in it. I said she could take a bath but—”

     “If I did, I’d still be in it.” Her smile shows off her beautiful white teeth which has Patch licking his lips.

     “So, Lizzy…” He sits forward and she looks wide-eyed at him. He takes my glass of wine and sips it while he seduces her with his dominant demeanor. “What brings you home with our Goldie?”

     “I had nothing to do and considered going bra shopping but…” She pauses when she notices his eyes locked on her breasts. Her nipples are like heat seeking missiles aimed for Patch. “As you can see, I didn’t go.”

     His eyes jerk back to meet hers. He tips his head as if to say touché. She got one up on him and he’s intrigued. There’s definitely a connection between them. Any concerns I might have about jealousy are quashed by my naughty thoughts.

     “Don’t ever cover those gorgeous breasts. And you’re welcome to visit any time. You can take a bath or sunbathe nude with Goldie, should that tickle you just right.” One side of his lip twists just slightly. Fucking hell, he’s sexy!

     “Will it only be Goldie and I who’ll be nude or will you be in your birthday suit, too?” she asks with playful innocence in her tone.

     “Just say the word, little girl.” He tips his head to look at her from under the shadow of his brows. His lascivious grin screams naughty thoughts and my breath catches.

     She stutters, “I—I’ll keep that in mind.”

     He snickers because he knows the effect he has on her. “I’m going to take a shower.”

Patch stands and I see the bulge of his semi-hard cock from behind the denim. I tip my head back as he leans in. His face hovers above mine and his eyes are riddled with questions, especially after I wave an eyebrow. His lips press to mine more aggressively than when he first arrived.

     He asks, “Have you had anything to eat or have set dinner plans?” I lift my wineglass, snicker, and then shake my head. He tilts his face toward Lizzy, who studies his every move. “You’re staying for dinner.” 

     She nods and he smiles, then collects his bag and saunters into the house.

     Her mouth hangs open. She gulps the last of her second glass of wine and bursts into hushed laughter. “Holy fuck! You weren’t kidding! That man is intense! No wonder you look exhausted all the time. How are you able to walk after that huge stallion humps you?”      She lies back in the chair and fans herself with the hand that doesn’t hold the spent wine glass.

     I down mine and put my hand out to collect her glass. She hands it to me and debates on another since she plans to drive home later. She’ll be here for a while longer so she accepts another refill.

     While I’m in the house, Bash pulls in and parks his old truck beside Lizzy’s Jeep. He hops out and strides to the porch with his long legs. He doesn’t see her on the porch.

     “Hi,” she says. I hear her through the open window.

     He stops just before he reaches the door. “Oh, hi! Sorry, I didn’t see you sitting there.” He approaches her with his hand out. “I’m Bash Bear. You are?”

     She stands just enough to be gracious and shakes his hand before she sits back. “I’m Lizzy. I work with Goldilocks at the hospital.”

     I watch them through the window while I open a second bottle of wine.

     He smiles. “I’ve heard some stories. She talks about you a lot. Only good things, I assure you.” He sits on the chair Patch just vacated. “Goldie in the house?” Lizzy nods. “It’s nice to put a face to the name. You’re a sight to behold. Sorry if that was out of line.”

     She spreads her arms wide. “What woman doesn’t like compliments?”

     His voice lowers to where I have to listen harder to hear what he says. “I want to thank you for your kindness toward Goldie. Few people are nice to her when they learn of her relationship with us evil Bear brothers. We’re assholes, in case you haven’t heard.”

     “I don’t listen to the masses. I’d rather go by what Goldilocks tells me.” She fiddles with a lock of her hair.

     “What does she tell you?” He tilts his head and crinkles his forehead in the same manner as Patch when he tries to search someone’s eyes for answers.

     I can’t see her face. “To be honest, she’s told me about her relationship with all three of you—not right away, of course. It took her a while to open up. She didn’t give in-depth details but I know she’s intimate with all of you and you have an open relationship.”

     “Semi-open,” he corrects.

     The sound of the wine filling her glass prevents me from hearing what she says. After I fill both glasses, I get a beer from the fridge for Bash.

     “Yes, if permission is granted,” I hear him say as I walk through the door.

     “Thank you.” He takes the beer I offer and then kisses me when I lean in.

     “Permission granted?” I ask as I hand her a full wine glass.

     She replies, “Bash was just explaining the rules to your relationship when it comes to other partners.”

     He says, “I explained that we can’t just hop into bed with anyone. Its permission granted only.”

      “It is now,” I say to him, then go on to explain to Lizzy. “Mack started dating Shaina while I was away at school. Bash had sex with her and hesitated to tell me. I found out from Mack and it went to shit. So, now it’s a permission granted thing between Bash and me. If Patch and Mack want to have sex with someone else, they can, but they have to tell us about it out of respect for us.”

     Lizzy gulps some wine. “I’m secretly jealous that Goldilocks has three amazing men who love her and I don’t even have one.” She tips her glass toward me. “You deserve them. This girl is fucking amaze-balls. Beautiful and smart!”

     She points her finger at me. “I love this woman. She’s deserving of only the best life can offer. I wish the whole world could see that.” Lizzy is chatty from the alcohol.

     “She certainly does,” he says.

     Lizzy leans toward me. “You’re my best friend. Did you know that?”

     I blow a kiss at her and notice Bash’s sights are on her chest while he licks his lips.

     She continues. “I mean it. I’ve never had a friend that doesn’t judge me or get upset with me if her boyfriend checks me out. I’m small and bubbly, so sue me! I can’t stop someone from looking at me. I would never get upset if my boyfriend—” She pauses and looks at Bash. “Not that I have a boyfriend. I don’t. They were all assholes and I kicked them to the curb. Well, I still live with my mom and didn’t actually live with the guys, but you know what I mean.”

     He interrupts her. “From what I can tell, you’re lovely. Every woman should be adored by her man. He should put her above himself, always, and treat her with the same respect she shows him. Fuck those assholes. They don’t deserve you.”

      “Goldilocks, if he wasn’t your boyfriend I’d hop on his lap and make out with him. I totally would.” She growls when Bash smiles and shows off his perfect white teeth. She waves her finger at Bash. “He’s the sweetest and sexiest fucker I’ve seen in a long time. I mean, other than the stud in the house who’s an older and more dangerous version of this one.”

     If he doesn’t want me to catch him checking her out, he’s lousy at concealing it. To fuck with him, I look at her and say, “You can hop on his lap if he says it’s okay.”

     In my peripheral, I see his head jerk in my direction, but I’m too entertained by Lizzy’s questioning eyes to look at him. She glances at him, then back at me and bursts into laughter. I meet his squinted eyes and laugh too, then I sip my wine.

     Patch steps outside wearing the low-rise faded blue jeans that look great on him. He didn’t bother with a shirt or shoes. He swigs from his beer as he strolls toward us. As per typical Patch fashion, he smells great!

     “I’m thinking of throwing some deer steaks on the grill. Lizzy, you like deer? I killed it myself.”

     “Gun?” she questions.

     “Bow and arrow is my personal preference, not that I think a gun is evil or anything. I simply like the challenge of a bow.”

     Lizzy can hardly take her eyes off Patch’s abs while he struts from the barbecue to the kitchen and back. With her distracted, Bash gets my attention. His eyebrows furrow and I wink at him, which intensifies his questioning leer.

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Erotic Teaser


X-Rated 18+ Only

Warning: contains rough sex and spanking


     He caresses my ass one cheek at a time. He squeezes my left buttock until I whimper and then cracks me hard with his open palm.

     Fuck! That hurts!

     “Your punishment is ten spanks for giving me an attitude about where to hang the picture.” He caresses the sensitive, welting skin. “Don’t make a sound and I’ll reward you. What’s your safe word?”

     With a shaky voice, I reply, “Red.”

     He cracks me again and again until he’s satisfied ten are enough. My ass is hot and tears have dripped onto the counter, but I was strong and didn’t scream.

     Patch stands me up when he sees my flushed, tear-soaked face. He doesn’t like to see me cry so he wipes away my tears with compassion. Satisfied that no more fall, he grips my hair and pushes me onto the counter. I grip the opposite edge.

     He stands behind me and kicks my feet apart until he can stand between them. My pelvic bones hold my weight painfully on the counter’s edge, but I don’t care to complain because I kind of like it. His fingers glide between my ass cheeks, over my asshole, and between my drenched pussy lips before delving deep into me. I wiggle, jutting my ass toward him as a plea for more. He pulls his fingers out but slips them further down between my lips until he reaches my clitoris.

     I moan as his fingers tenderly rub tiny circles over my stiff button. His hand raises and he whacks my ass once more, jolting my thoughts away from my clit and back to the pain of my red-hot ass.

     “I said to be quiet, didn’t I?” He whispers as his fingers find my clit to continue their delicious assault. “I don’t want you to make a sound until I tell you to cum. Do you understand?”

     Knowing better, I say nothing; he told me not to make a sound. From past experience, to verbalize my understanding is cause for more swats. I simply nod the best I can despite my hair held in his vice-like grip. It isn’t painful as much as immobilizing.

     Patch pushes his fat thumb into my pussy. I tighten when he circles my clit. I try to remain calm and not cum but I’m so close, and he knows it. He won’t stop until he’s satisfied I obeyed his order and refused myself an orgasm.

     He moves his hand and quickly fills me full of his thick, hard cock. My walls stretch and then clench as soon as he’s buried deep. My breath escapes me. He holds still until I breathe.

     “Don’t let go of the counter, and don’t lift your head.”

     He frees my hair and a matted wad quickly drapes over my face. I try to blow it away from my eyes but it doesn’t move.

     “I’m going to fuck you hard and fast; how you like. Not a sound. Don’t cum until I permit it.”

     His pelvis rests against my ass as his hands slide along my skin and settle on my waist. He pulls back and makes good on his promise. He pounds into me. My fingertips barely hold the counter and my hip bones grate on the counter’s edge.

     Oh, fuck! I want to cum! It’s right there. If I just let go, I’ll cum so hard. Somehow, I manage to withhold the moans. At some point, I think I blackout but I can’t be sure.

     Oh, my God! Please let me cum!

     He grabs my forearms and hisses, “Let go.” When I do, he pulls them behind my back and holds my wrists tightly in one hand while his other presses on my lower back to pin me to the counter. He rams; hard, fast, incredibly fast.

     “Tell me you’re my slut!” he demands.

     “I’m your slut!” I scream.

     “My slut! My dirty little fucking slut.” He slams a few more times and my pussy tightens around his cock.      “Cum, whore! Fucking cum!”

     A slow, steadily increasing scream builds as I let myself fall into the muscle clenching, mind-blowing euphoria of my climax. I hear him spit words at me but I have no idea what he’s saying, and I don’t care. My thoughts have sunk into blackness while my body floats high above the counter. I never want this to stop.

Patch wails, slams into me three more times, and then stiffens. His cock swells inside me and stretches my spasming pussy as it chokes him, desperate to keep the pulsing shaft wedged deep into me.

     I’m exhausted, yet my mind is ripe with energy.

     Patch’s withered cock slips from me and we both groan. He releases my wrists, then grasps my hips to ensure my feet are firmly on the floor. He wraps his heavy arms over my shoulders and holds my back against his burly chest while I catch my breath.

     Between breaths, he asks, “What am I going to do when you’re not mine anymore; when you decide you only want Bash?”

     “What do you mean? I’ll always want you.” I turn to look at his flushed face.

     “There will come a day when you won’t. When you and Bash decide to start a family, continuing what we have won’t be feasible, and you know it.” He sighs, then kisses my head. His eyes scan my body. “If you were mine—”

     I snap at him. “You should keep in mind that I will never be yours. Bash allows us to love each other, and I’ll allow you my body whenever you want, but he comes before you or Mack.” I step back and look into his stoic face. “Please, don’t suggest I be only yours.”

     “No, that’s not what I was…” He groans frustratedly. “You’re making a thing out of nothing. I was just saying that if you were mine—”

     I raise my hand and shake my head to beg him not to continue. He holds up his hand to stop me from saying what he knows I’m about to.

     He raises his voice. “Just hang on a minute, woman! Since you went there … you know I love you. We all agreed it’s okay that we love each other.” He leans his back against the counter and calms his voice. “You will want something different in the future. I wasn’t suggesting I was going to take you away from Bash. I was just—”

     I cut him off. “You couldn’t if you tried.” I yank my pants up and wiggle my hips until the material slips into place. 

     Calmly, despite his flared nostrils, he asks, “Where is this coming from?”

     I stop fussing with my pants to meet his eyes. “You said if you were mine…”

     “Holy fuck, woman!” He groans and slaps his forehead. “Can’t a man say something to you without you blowing it into something it’s not? I wasn’t suggesting I wanted you for myself. I was about to say that I’d never let you wear clothes if you were mine.” ...

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