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Contest Coming Soon! Mobile Website Not Working :(

I’m so annoyed! The mobile version of my website isn’t working. The “technicians” are supposed to be working on fixing the issue, but it’s been a few days and I’ve heard nothing. It’s frustrating! I put a notice on the main page—which is all anyone can access—letting the viewer know to use their computers for the time being.

When I’m not growling because I can’t get a computer/mobile program thingy to work in my favour, I’M WRITING! Yes, that’s right! I’m writing not editing. Finally, I have a moment to sit down and get these devilishly naughty characters' stories on paper to stop them from haunting my dreams and thoughts.

The story I’ve been working on starts with a woman whose had an accident and a handsome hermit rescues her and—since they have a lot of time alone together to figure each other out—they fall in love and do a lot of very dirty sexy stuff. How it ends is anyone’s guess because I’m a pantser.

Pantsers aren’t “planners." We don’t know how the story will end or even what will happen in each chapter, until we get to that chapter. It sounds complicated to the “planners” because they like everything decided in a grand summary, but not us; we like to wing it. Neither is more right than wrong, just different.

CONTEST COMING! I almost forgot to mention I got a bunch of mousepads with pictures of the models from the sexy photoshoots for my book covers. Soon, I’ll be setting up a contest where more than one person will win. Would you like a sexy mousepad? Below is an example of one of them, but there are six different designs. Join my newsletter to know when and how you can win one of these awesome gifts just in time for the end of the year celebrations.

Take care, wash your hands, and have lots of orgasms; it’ll boost your mood. Truly, it works!

Winks & Air Kisses



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