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Chance to WlN $150 Giftcard

Catchy title… Am I right?

The Naughty Goldie Series book cover - Goldilocks and The Three Bear Brothers

Now that I have your attention, the first thing I’m excited to tell you about is that Goldilocks & The Three Bear Brothers four-book series has been combined into one convenient book — THE NAUGHTY GOLDIE SERIES.

Pre-order your ebook now, or hang on for the paperback or hardcover! You can also slap my signature inside your physical copy! More information on how to get a link will be coming soon! You can also email me for more information -

I love combining my series books into one convenient purchase because I can lower the price. Lowering the price allows for my books to get into everyone’s hands, and I love that the most.

In these trying times and rising prices, money is slim. I’m not all about earning money with my writing — don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t complain if I were rich — but that’s not my main goal. I want everyone to read, and read my book especially. After all, I write for you!

And for what you’ve all been waiting for…

May 1 - 31, 2023

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