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Goldilocks 4 is LIVE!

I’m so excited! Goldilocks & The Three Bear Brothers: Liberated, Book Four is on Kindle Unlimited and available as a paperback, if that’s your preference. The paperback’s look amazing! (Contest to win this series is coming soon!)

Now that Goldie 4 is in your hands, I can focus my attention on the book I just sent to my editor. It’s about a woman who suffers an accident and the strangers who rescues her. Both have a past the other must pry out of them. But when the past tramples over the present, dizzying confusion and intense emotions are brought with it.

I just started another story! It’s about a female billiards champion who doesn’t think she has a need for the committed attention of a man. It isn’t long before the right man threatens to change her thinking. But is he good for her? That’s all I’m going to tell you at this point. Since my hubby and I are right in with the pool community, this book will be exciting to write!

This is where you can pick up the Goldilocks books:

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