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Did a photoshoot

Hello everyone! A few days ago I did a second photoshoot with a very sexy male model, Chris LaPointe. He is a big man with a gentle soul and a great sense of humour. Working with him and my incredible photographer, Sharon Shalton-Segiun, made for a fantastic afternoon. We laughed so much! Needless to say, the shots we got were amazing!

Our goal was to get some perfect pictures for several of my books that will be coming out later this year. Stay posted for release dates! Some of the shots are bdsm based, both dominant and submissive, while other are more sensual. All of the poses are sexy as hell, bound to make your temperature rise.

These pictures are unedited but I thought I'd post them anyway just to tease you. Here are a few examples:

You can contact Chris LaPointe on Instagram - @lifting_2eat_pizza

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