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Getting ready for the COACHING RAYNA release

Hello lovely people,

I've been so busy getting my new novel, Coaching Rayna, ready for release that I've been neglecting my duties here on my blog. Please forgive me.

My book will be releasing on the Friday coming, October 5th! I'm excited and relieved but also anxious and nauseous. I can't say I've ever been this wound up before a book release. I've been taking a few deep breaths when needed just to keep myself sane. But, I'm an author and I think we need to be a bit off to write interesting stories. Wouldn't you agree?

I've been getting great reviews from my ARC readers and that thrills me to my core. I've only had one review where the woman didn't care for some points in the book but she still gave it 3 1/2 stars so she must have enjoyed it for the most part. I hope she did. My books aren't for everyone. BDSM or 'rough sex', which is all this book really contains, isn't for everyone and I understand that. No judgement of the gentle lovers.

Anyway, you can find my book available for pre-order on Amazon. If you purchase it today, the ebook will download into your ereader the moment it goes live. The printed paperbacks won't be available for another week or so because the publisher is switching printing companies. Don't fret! They will be here soon!

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