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I Finished It!!!

Hello my Lovelies!

Yes, it's been a while since I've written a post in my blog, but you'll be happy to hear that I've been working very hard.


That's right, I wrote a second Coaching Rayna. You all loved it so much that you begged me to write an additional book explaining what happens next between Rayna and Coach, Tim and Renee, and of course, the kids; Kim and Ken.

In this book, you'll get to meet Demon! And explore a wilder version of Rayna as she continues to explore her sexuality, opening her world to new and exciting adventures. Coach's past will come to light, shining a brighter light on why he stopped going to 'Fallen'; a mansion where BDSM is alive and well.

It's not ready yet as it needs to go to the editor. (I have a new editor now because there were too many errors missed by the last one) Here is a snippet of Coaching Rayna #2: (Keep in mind that it's unedited)


“Are you ready for tonight, little lady?” I ask her.

She looks at my jogging pants and replies, “Well, at least one of us is.”

“I’ll be back in a few minutes, don’t move.”

I pull the locked chest from under the hanging shirts in my closet and dress as quickly as I can. I put on something first, something I don’t want her to see just yet. I finish with a black dress shirt, black leather pants and heavy work boots. I come down the hall and see that Rayna is still leaning against the door where I left her. I was expecting her to be sitting on the steps since her shoes can’t be all that comfortable. I must be looking at her oddly because she smiles shyly.

“You told me not to move, so I didn’t. Isn’t that what a good submissive is supposed to do; obey?” she asks. There’s no hint of sarcasm in her voice and her face tells me that she’s awaiting my approval. I step down the stairs slowly, looking her up and down as my prick stiffens at the thought of her giving herself to me completely and without hesitation. That would be a fantasy come true.

“Yes, that would be what a good submissive does. Are you my submissive, Rayna?” I ask, sliding my fingers through her hair until they cradle her head. I look down into her eyes while my cock continues to swell.

“When it’s playtime, I can be your submissive. Be patient if I make a mistake, okay?” she begs.

“Of course,” I whisper, kissing her bright red lips ever so tenderly. “You look stunning tonight. Everyone is going to want you… but you’re MINE. You’re MYsubmissive, MYlittle cougar. Yes, I like that nickname, Cougar.”

“Cougar,” she replies, looking a bit annoyed by my nickname. I knew the submissive role wouldn’t last long. Oh well, I enjoyed it while I had it.

“What’s the matter with cougar?”

“I don’t think I like that. It insinuates I’m older than you.”

“Well, you are older than I am and that is the nickname for a woman who has sex with younger men, isn’t it?” She frowns even further. “Fine, what if I call you Cat?”

“C. A. T.?” She’s still obviously not impressed.

“Is that not how cat is spelled?”

“Yes, but it’s still too close to cougar. What if we spell it K. A. T.?”

“I doubt we’ll have to write it down, but I suppose K. A. T. will be just fine if it pleases you.”

“I’m afraid to ask but I suppose I should know ahead of time. What are you called? Look, I know you’ve been there before and people do know you as having a specific nickname, so to prepare myself, I’d like to know it, if you have one, that is.”

“Yes, but I’m sure you can guess, if you think about it long enough.”

She ponders for a moment while I usher her out the door, locking it behind me. I close her car door after she’s seated and make my way to the driver’s seat. She has yet to guess my nickname.

“What are you wearing under your shirt?” she curiously asks as I sit. She reaches for my chest, feeling around.

“It’s a harness,” I tell her. She feels it through my shirt and bites her bottom lips. “Are you okay with me wearing it? I don’t have to. I can take it off and leave it in the car.”

“Do you normally wear this stuff when you go there?” she asks, I nod. “Then wear it. I think it’s fucking hot! Why haven’t I ever seen you in this before?”

“I didn’t think you’d be perceptive to it just yet. This atmosphere will make it seem more natural to you. If you’d like, I can dress for you one night. Of course, when I do, my caged freak wants to come out with a vengeance, so I’ll have to be extra careful to keep him under wraps.”

“Yeah, I’m not sure I can handle him quite yet. Little by little, the thought of meeting him doesn’t seem so terrifying. Just how bad can it get anyway?”

I can’t look at her as we pull out of the driveway and start on our way. “You aren’t ready. That’s all you need to know.”

“Will I ever be?” she asks with the innocence that has me wanting to turn the car around and drive her back to the purity of her sheltered life. “I want to be ready.”

What stops me is that I sense a tone of disappointment in her voice. Does she want me to free my demon? Should I even be considering it at this point? No, she isn’t ready.

“Time will tell, but judging by the way things are progressing, I can’t see why it won’t happen eventually. You haven’t shied away from anything I’ve proposed to you and seem to like whatever we’ve done, which has surprised me, Miss Goodie-Two-Shoes.” I snicker.

“I am not a Goodie-Two-Shoes! Well, not since you got your hands on me and corrupted me,” she says with a loud laughter and a poke to my arm.

We arrive outside the house and I look to see Rayna’s reaction. She’s taking in the vast bricks that line the outer walls to the mansion-like building. The first time I was brought here, I’m sure I wore her exact expression.

My tummy is fluttering as I watch her reaction. I can’t be sure if her expression is of fear, meaning she’ll run, or that she’s thrilled, eager to expand her horizons. If she runs, that’ll put a cap on the level of play we will ever engage in but if she stays and enjoys it, my demon will very likely rear his ugly head at some point. I expect that will make her fear me. I don’t want her to fear me.

“Hey, Coach!” Rayna says, waving her hand in front of my face. “Hi! Where did your mind go?”

“Sorry, I was just thinking… it’s not important. So, are you ready?”

She looks at the house again just as another car pulls in behind ours. The lights shut off and I hear two doors close. High heels are clicking on the cement as a woman walks past the driver’s side of our car. She’s a mistress, no doubt. She has on leather pants, high-heels and a leather crop top. She crosses in front of our lights and takes the leash of a woman who walked past Rayna’s window. Her submissive is dressed in nothing but fashionably wrapped ropes. Her wrists are unrestrained and hanging casually at her sides. She looks beautiful dressed only in rope. My mouth fills with saliva, wishing one day I will have the opportunity to bind Rayna in much the same fashion.

I look over at Rayna to see her staring at the two women. “Can you tie me like that one day?”

I don’t think I heard her right, so I ask, “You want me to bind your body in ropes?”

“Yes, I do. She looks pretty. Don’t you think?”

“Let’s go in,” I tell her.



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