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Can You believe We’re Already In May?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of this Covid crap! The shots are coming but it’s taking so long to get everyone even their first shots (in southern Ontario Canada) I go on Wednesday for my first shot, hubby’s going on Thursday. I wonder, will these vaccinations cause some rare disease later on or will we be fine and have safely eradicated Covid from existence. Will our lives ever return to the way they were? I’m a hugger, will I be able to hug all of my friends whenever I want or will people keep their distance because of their fear of a repeat with some other disease? Hmm, so many questions and my mind keeps spinning.

I’ve been chosen by Authoress Scerina Elizabeth to be her very first Featured Author for the month of May! Click here to read my feature, and then click here to read my interview and enter a CONTEST to win a signed copy of Carter’s Mistress.

Now that Goldilocks #3 has released and is doing very well - 4.7 out of 5 stars on - I’m relieved and excited to push toward finishing Goldilocks #4. If you aren’t caught up on this wild and romantic adventure, what are you waiting for? The reviews are awesome! Click this to read some.

Carter’s Mistress is also getting fabulous reviews - 4.7 out of 5 starts on - and this thrills me. I love reading the reviews people write, even if someone hates the book. I take those as a learning experience, unless the person was only trying to hurt me, which happened on Little Miss Muffet. I was given a 1-star with no review. That leaves me to think they wanted to lower my star rating for whatever reason. To those people, Karma’s a bitch, just saying.

YOU COULD WIN a signed copy of Carter’s Mistress delivered to your door! Find out more here: "Click Me"

I’m still working on My JoeSmith. I reclaimed this series from my publishing company so improvements can be made and WOW are these books going to be hot!!! The two huge books are broken into four large books. I think you’ll like that better. TIMEFRAME: I’m hoping to have them done and released by November 2021.

Hugs to you all, stay safe and tell someone you love them.

Pebbles Lacasse


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