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Hello, my lovelies!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy End of Year, etc. I wish you happiness, health, wealth, and more love than you think you deserve. Be safe and please don’t drink and drive; you’re all loved and needed by at least one person and they’d be devastated to lose you. And I hold you dear as well.

My JoeSmith won’t be ready this year as promised. I’m sorry to have failed you. It’s a huge four-book series, and my editor has been so busy she hasn’t been able to finish. Needless to say, the new year will bring a swarm of hot new books from me.

I have three other books on the go and just about ready for editing. And, I’m writing a book with another erotic romance writer; Lucas X Black! That’s right! He’s such an awesome writer and so damn dirty your pussy will be slick or your cock dripping. We have six chapters written as of today and let me tell you… WOW! Sizzling! You’re going to love this book! I’ll keep you up dated ;)

I’m running some awesome promos!!! Yup! Coaching Rayna, Book 1 is on sale from $2.99 to $ 0.99 until December 21, 2021 only, so HURRY! CLICK HERE

AND… Hello Officer, A Run with Charley, and Carter’s Mistress are FREE until January 1, 2022 on SMASHWORDS only. Don’t waste time! CLICK HERE




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