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Hot New Pre-order for You!

You’ll be happy to know I’m getting set to put out Broken Charm. It’s up on Amazon for pre-order, so get yours now before the price jumps. Soon, the paperback version will be available for purchase as well.

This book is so good! I mean, it has everything from second-chance romance, love triangle, a dominatrix, two dominant men desiring the same woman—nothing bad can happen there, right? Her best friend—one of the dominants—doesn’t trust the ex-boyfriend—the other dominant. Something is off.

When Scarlett agrees to give the ex twenty-four hours to win her heart—which is locked up tight—things heat up! She can’t give herself to him completely for two reasons; she refuses to give her heart to anyone, and something has her doubting his reappearance as being coincidental.

Find out what happens when the truth comes out. Will the ex convince Scarlett he’s trustworthy of her heart, or will the best friend put a stop to him? Releases July 1, 2022. To pre-order click here!


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