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Another New Video & I've Started “My JoeSmith” book 4!

I’m so excited to tell you that the final run-thru of the last book in the “My JoeSmith” series has begun! Books 1, 2 and 3 are being put through Beta right now, which just means they’re being read and assessed by some of my author friends. They’ll give me tips and constructive criticism to help improve the story, if any are needed. So far, everyone’s loving it!

My editor will soon be overwhelmed with four full-sized novels LOL. Nah, she’ll love it!

Check out my newest video for the upcoming series "My JoeSmith!”

In other news, my outdoor cat was sprayed by a skunk and proceeded to enter the “mancave” in the barn and rub herself on everything… Yeah, it smelled awful in there. We sprayed it down with peroxide a few times and that seemed to do the trick. As for the cat, well, she still stinks! Hopefully if she sees a skunk in the future, she’s smart enough to avoid it.

Last week we celebrated my mom and hubby’s birthdays. My dog Gus will be celebrating his third birthday tomorrow. Okay, I’ll be celebrating it while he looks at me with vacant eyes. He’s a Mastiff and weighs 51.26 kgs (113 lbs.) but he’s my snuggle bug! When he farts, he clears a room; it’s brutal! Was that too much information? Probably.

Otherwise, that’s about it for me.

Take care, my lovelies!



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