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Working tirelessly

Hello, my lovelies!

First off, I hope everyone is well, wearing their masks and washing their hands.

This Covid shit is really wearing on me and I want my life back! I’m not alone in this as most people are fed up. But, as much as I didn’t want to do it, I caved and got my first shot. Now I have to wait until August to get the second one.

Okay, no more griping about Covid!

On a good note: I’ve been working tirelessly to get My JoeSmith rewritten, so I can send all of them to my editor at the same time. She’ll be very busy for a while because I broke the two very thick books into four books that are still big due to my additions and edits. Yes, I got carried away and couldn’t resist making the story hotter and the characters more likeable. Trust me, you’re going to love it!

The weather's warming and supposed to reach 26.7C - 80F this week. Seeing everything wake from hibernation and sprout to life lifts my burdened soul, but knowing the extreme heat and humidity will follow the awakening foliage has me a bit depressed.

Due to having Porphyria, I can’t be outside unless I’m covered head to toe in UVP clothing. One of the side effects of the disease is a hypersensitivity to UV light. If I’m not protected, my skin will blister and I’ll get very sick; almost like having a really bad flu that can last a few hours or several days. So, while everyone is celebrating spring, I’m dreading being in the sweltering heat while wearing a sweater with a hood, gloves, face mask, long pants and shoes that cover my feet completely. Blaaahh!

But, when the sun goes down, this girl is outside dancing in the moonlight, so to speak. I love the night!


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