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New Puppy Woes

It's been pretty hectic since I returned from my vacation in northern Ontario where the bears and the wolves run free. The weather held out making for an incredible ten days. There were a few days that were so hot that we had to stay in the shade or go for a swim.

I loved being there this year especially because my husband was able to take some time off work and joined me for some peace and quiet. It wasn't all relaxing, however. We did a lot of kayaking, fishing (not catching) from our kayaks, riding our ATV's through the paths and trails that lead to caves and old diamond mines that have long since been condemned.

Now back to why I titled this blog entry as 'New Puppy Woes'.

The day after we returned home, we picked up our new addition to the family; a Bullmastiff/Cane Corso mix puppy. We named him Gus but I tend to call him our piranha puppy because he does love to explore everything, and I do mean everything, with his needle sharp teeth.

I know he's still learning but peepee outside training is ever so slowly catching on. On a good note, he knows how to sit on command and will sit and wait for me to put down his food bowl. Soon I will practice making him wait until I give him the command allowing him to begin eating.

It might take a while but I will win this battle of wills between him and I. He will be a very well trained dog, just as our last fur-baby was. Even if it destroys me.

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