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July Brings Great News!

The first thing I’m extremely excited about is that Broken Charm is holding a star rating of no lower than 4.5 on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, Barnes & Noble, and the list goes on and on! I’m thrilled, but not surprised. Broken Charm is one of the best books I’ve written when it comes to build-up.

You'd think the story is leading in one direction, but suddenly… BAM! It all shifts, leaving your mouth gaping, and your panties drenched! That’s right, this book has lip-biting, seriously delicious sexy scenes that won’t disappoint.

The second exciting thing I want to tell you about is that I’m flying out to Halifax to help my daughter move back to my city. She’s been there for nine years and wants a change in her career, so what better place to begin again than where you grew up? It’ll be a long drive home, but we’ll have a few days to chat and catch up in person, as opposed to chatting to her face on my computer screen. In person is always better!

The third thing… You can pre-order My JoeSmith: Anonymity, Book One in a few days! I almost can’t believe it. This used to be a huge two-book series, but it wasn’t properly edited, and therefore, didn’t get a great response. So, I pulled it and began the lengthy process of rewriting it. Instead of keeping it as a two-book series, I broke it into four extremely hot and delicious books.

*Beware of the cliffhangers of each book, until the forth where the story comes to a HEA ending.

Each book will release one month from the last starting September 1, 2022, beginning with Anonymity, and then Exposed, Nurture, and Unity. Pre-order links will be announced on my website and my social media as soon as they are available.

*Do not skip this series! The characters will steal your heart.


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