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My JoeSmith Hit’s Bestseller Lists

Hello, my lovely playmates!

My face hurts from smiling. Seriously! My JoeSmith: Anonymity, Book One made it onto three Amazon Canada’s Bestseller Lists! THREE! And on the Hot New Release list!

#1 Hot New Release

#2 Bestseller Mystery Erotica

#4 Bestseller BDSM Erotica

#6 Bestseller Suspense Erotica

Whew! All the hard work put into this series has drained me. Well, releasing Broken Charm, and then moving my daughter home from Halifax just before her and I travelled north for a two-week much-needed vacation wasn’t all that’s happened. Jennifer Johnson interviewed me on her sexy podcast (more below), a week after returning home from the vacation I needed a vacation from, we threw a party for many of our friends and family. After that, My JoeSmith: Anonymity, Book One released! But it hit hard on the charts! Thank you all so much for that! (pictures below)

Now is the time to prepare for the release of Exposed, Book Two, set to release on Oct. 1. That’s only a few days away! Time is flying by and I can’t seem to keep up. It’s my own fault for piling so much on my plate, but it’s all working out, somehow.

So, as I mentioned, my daughter moved home. She brought her 8-year-old cat. Her cat is a bit of a bitch… Wait, no, that minimizes how awful her cat is. The cat loves her and only her. If anyone tries to touch her, she attacks. If someone walks past her and she deems them too close, she attacks. The only time she’s somewhat nice is when the treats come out - but we still can’t touch her. It’s not the cat’s fault because when she was a kitten, she was harassed and taunted by my daughter’s roommates when she was at work. This she didn’t know until later. Hopefully she’ll learn to accept us as her family and stop with the biting, already!

Oh, I definitely should mention that I did a steamy podcast with Jennifer Johnson; an incredibly erotic, fantasy writer you should definitely check out, and a self-proclaimed slut. Her podcast is called Slut Solutions, look it up. She did a podcast called, “Why We Hate Sluts.” About an hour in is when she interviews me. It leans more toward hot and steamy because Jennifer and I are great friends. Check it out!

Here are the latest books either released or soon to be:

(FREE on KU)

Hopefully, My JoeSmith: Exposed, Book Two will also hit on Amazon’s Bestseller Lists! Maybe on Oct.1 the book will land on a US or UK Bestseller list. So, hurry and add each book in the series to your KU library, or purchase them while they’re discounted to $1.99! The price won’t last and for a series this hot, you don’t want to miss out!

I LOVE MY READERS! Be well, stay safe, and read, read, read!




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