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The Sexy Goldilocks Series Continues on March 31

If you’ve read the first three books in this sizzling series, and I highly recommend you do, you’re likely frustrated from having waited so long to get the next book! It has been a long time coming.

**Drumroll please**

On March 31 you can own Goldilocks and The Three Bear Brothers: Liberated, book 4!

I’ve been so busy rewriting and publishing the MY JOESMITH series the NAUGHTY GOLDIE series was put on the back burner. Not anymore!

Introducing GOLDILOCKS & THE THREE BEAR BROTHERS: LIBERATED, Book Four - available now for pre-order!

Here’s the blurb:

Goldilocks is soon to be married. What could possibly go wrong?


When Bash’s patience and tenderness don’t break down her walls, she wonders if Patch’s rough handling can free her mind and enable her to release her blinding resentment.

As the burden of loss and guilt weighs heavily on Goldie’s heart, an audacious ex attempts to step back in, determined to rekindle the past at any cost before Goldie and Bash exchange wedding bands and all they represent.

More confused than ever, Goldilocks must confront all that torments her.

“You can cry, scream, throw yourself on the floor. We won’t judge you for it. We’ll be here for you if you want us to help you be strong. Lean on us because we’ve got you.”

Truth is subjective. Forgiveness is a hard pill to swallow. Acceptance is damn near impossible…

Does Patch mean what he says, or will he leave her, too?

*This book follows the first three in the series and is best read in order.

Get all the books in the series beginning with Goldilocks’ frustrations with always being a good girl dating parent approved guys. She’s decided to be bad for just one day, or so she thinks. The Bear brothers are the town bad boys. All it takes is one wild afternoon to change her entire life. Soon, the love shared between her and the three brothers is unbreakable. Follow Goldie’s journey as she samples the forbidden fruit and grows into a strong woman with a mind of her own.

All four books are available for purchase and FREE on KU. Book One


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