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You Could Win A Signed Copy of BROKEN CHARM

Hello all you naughty readers!

You read that right; I’m giving away a signed paperback copy of my coming romantic erotica, BROKEN

CHARM, and you could win it! (Link below)

But first, can I have a moment to do a little boasting? I had a message sent to me from someone who had just finished reading Broken Charm. When I read what she wrote, I cried like a big baby. Sometimes, we all need a little pat on the head to ensure we’re on the right path, and despite the endless struggles our efforts aren’t in vain. For me, this message was the pat on the head I so desperately needed that day. Here’s what she wrote:

"For what it's worth, I'm your fan. Maybe your biggest fan! I love what you write and I love the fact that you take it seriously and do it well. You want your readers to be pleased with what you publish. That means a lot. You know... this sort of got brought up by ******* but I would love to see you teach creative writing geared toward this genre. I don't mean to sound ugly ... but so many are missing the mark. I think it's why a lot of readers don't give indie writers a chance. They assume the books are going to be shitty. And a lot of them are. The writers have that passion but aren't quite sure how to get the right words to the page and make it sound elegant and meaningful. Anyway, you always do such a wonderful job at emotive writing that packs a sexy as sin punch. Got those panty dropping ooh la la skills haha!!"

I barely got through that without choking up again. Her words are worth so much to me. I printed them to put on my "cork board of compliments.” It might be lame, but I print some of the things people write to me, so I can boost my spirits when I’m feeling low. You never know, maybe something you wrote me is on my board, too.


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